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Amplifying Our Nation's Voice: A Timeline of Voting Rights in the United States

PRIOR TO THE 19TH AMENDMENT JULY 10, 1890 Wyoming became a state, thus becoming the first since 1807 to allow women the right to vote. IMONTPELIER 8.2% BAD WEATHER BETWEEN 1776 AND 1807 VOTE 17.5% TO0 BUSY/ CONFLICTING SCHEDULE 2.6% FORGOT 2.6% TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS + Unmarried women who owned property in New Jersey had the right to vote. IF VOTING 120 MILLION TODAY WERE A SCHOOL EXAM, WE'D 13 MILLION TODAY 2.7% INCONVENIENT POLLING PLACE 134% NOT INTERESTED 28 MILLION TODAY 15 states allowed women to vote in at least some elections: Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, California, Arizona, Kansas, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, New York, Michigan, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. 6% REGISTRATION PROBLEMS 65% VOTED GET A D. 66% VOTED IN 2008 (2% MORE AMPLIFYING OUR NATION'S VOICE: 149% ILLNESS OR DISABILITY IN 2008 7% DON'T KNOW TOP REASONS CITED FOR NOT VOTING 64% THAN MEN) 1 MILLION 1870 29 MILLION 1920 5 MILLION 1870 A TIMELINE OF VOTING RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES 88% OUT OF TOWN 15TH AMENDMENT SUFFRAGE FOR AFRICAN-AMERICANS 19TH AMENDMENT SUFFRAGE FOR WOMEN 26TH AMENDMENT SUFFRAGE FOR 18-20 YEAR OLDS ONLY 64% OF AMERICANS 11.3% OTHER VOTED IN THE 2008 12.9% DID NOT LIKE CANDIDATES OR CAMPAIGN ISSUES O 18 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION PERCENTAGE OF VOTING-AGE POPULATION VOTING IN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS RAISE YOUR VOICE. REGISTER TO VOTE. 1788 The Constitution 1868 The 14th Amendment 1870 The 15th Amendment 1920 The 19th Amendment 1961 The 23rd Amendment 1964 The 24th Amendment 1965 The Voting Rights Act 1971 The 26th Amendment 90 75% 71% 53.1% | 23RD AMENDMENT 64% 80 70 Gives citizens of Washington, D.C. the right to vote in presidential elections. The Voting Rights Act is passed. States that "all persons born .. in the United States"-including former slaves- are citizens of the United States. Decrees that states may not deny the vote to citizens "on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." Grants suffrage to women. Outlaws the requirement that citizens must pay any tax in order to vote. Lowers the voting age to 18 throughout the country. | 15TH 1AMENDMENT Formally ratified in 1788. PERCENT OF AMERICANS REGISTERED TO VOTE STATE WITH THE LOWEST VOTER TURNOUT RATE (UTAH) PERCENT OF AMERICANS 14TH | AMENDMENT I WHO VOTED IN THE 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION STATE WITH THE HIGHEST VOTER TURNOUT RATE (MINNESOTA) 60 According to Article 1, Section 2, each state can decide who is allowed to vote. For the most part, states allowed the vote only to free, white, property- owning males who were at least 21 years of age. More than half of the states had already allowed women to vote in at least some elections by this time. Of the voting age population, 72.8% of women are registered against 69.1% of men. The Voting Rights Act prohibited literacy tests and empowered federal agents to enforce the law in Southern states. 50 24TH AMENDMENTL | 15TH This controversy grew out of the opposition to the Vietnam War: people argued that if a citizen was old enough to be drafted, he was old enough to vote. VOTER REGISTRATION BY DEMOGRAPHIC Washington, D.C. still does not have a representative in either house of Congress. 40 1AMENDMENT The 24th Amendment ended 19TH | AMENDMENT I The 14th Amendment imposed reduced representation for those states that denied the vote to African-American males who would otherwise be qualified to vote if not for their race. The 15th Amendment gave official sanction to suffrage for all African-American males. 30 one of the "unofficial" ways of discriminating on the basis of 20 race. 10 637% INCOME > $20.000- LS8SK AGES 18 - 24 766% AGES 55 64- 671% $ 20.000 - $29,999- -585% LESS THAN HIGH SCHOOL -641% HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE 753% SOME COLLEGE 812% BACHELOR'S DEGREE 858% ADVANCED DEGREE 1776 AND 1860 728% FEMALE -697% BLACK -553% ASIAN -594% HISPANIC L735% WHITE 664% AGES 25 - 34 781% AGES 65 - 74+ -699% AGES 35 - 44 766% AGED 75+- 1810 1830 1870 1890 1910 1930 1970 2010 L726% $40,000 - $49,999 L782% $ 50,000 - $74999 L81% $7500 - $99,999 796% $180.000 AND OVER 1850 1950 1990 691% MALE 735% AGES 45- SH MARCH 29, 1961 MARCH 30, 1870 In 1776, free black men could vote in New Jersey. Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. In 1860. 5 states allowed free black men Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. They could also vote in New York if they owned at least S250 in property. RATLEIED The 15th Amendment was passed JULY 1, 1971 HISTORICAL VOTER TURNOUT on February 26. 1869, but was not ratified until March 30, 1870. CURRENT VOTING STATS vote: Maine. New Hampshire. Vermont. The 26th Amendment was ratified, allowing 18 year olds the right to vote. The 23rd Amendment was ratified on 18 March 29. 1961. Citizens of D.C. voted in their first presidential election in 1964.

Amplifying Our Nation's Voice: A Timeline of Voting Rights in the United States

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Are you over 18, but not yet 21? Are you a woman? Do you rent your home rather than own it? Do you live in Washington, DC? The Constitution didn't always allow you to take part in the democratic proce...


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