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Destination Nowhere...

DESTINATION NOWHERE... DEPORTATION OVERLOAD INCREASING PAST 400,000 REMOVALS IN 2013. FINISH PROCESS OF DEPORTATION. The duration of the process depends on the charges. It ranges from different circumstances and his or her ability to fight and appeal his or her deportation order through the courts. From 6 months to up to 5-7 years there is a process to be followed to place someone in what is known as removal proceedings and then appeal process which usually gets followed. Below is a time-line that illustrates the general process of deportation until a person actually gets removed from the U.S. PLEA & TRIAL DISMISSAL SENTENCE Depending on the persons circumstance and case, they are either permitted to stay in the U.S., serve in jail or sentenced to START go back to the country they were born in. POLICE STOP & ARREST RELEASE FROM CRIMINAL CUSTODY People usually get stopped, if you cannot prove you are legal you are immediately arrested and Person is now released trom criminal custody, but the trial is not over yet. They are in waiting time before a final decision is made which can take 550 days on average. taken to jail. BOOKING INTO JAIL Police search you, they remove personal property, take your finger prints, check their computers for warrants as a criminal. CUSTODY HEARING PRE POST BAIL A person can testify and have witnesses testify on his or her behalf. But they have few, The Judge has to grant the bail. If bail is posted,detainer goes into immigration custody or detention and removal opportunities to argue their case, seek legal representation, and immigration judges have few opportunities to save them from deportation. proceedings are initiated. AGE OF POPULATION 6% 10% 5-17 72% 13% 18-24 65+ 25-64

Destination Nowhere...

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Deportation, it’s not just an “immigrant “ issue it is a nation wide problem. Exploring the common tragedy of individuals scrutinized for their immigration status within their home, workplaces, ...


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