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Officer Down! Honoring Our Fallen Heroe

FACTS ABOUT POLICE KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY EVERY DAY, OFFICERS PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE OFFICER DOWN! Every day, hundreds of thousands of men and women put on a uniform To show our appreciation for the heroes who died while Since the first recorded police officer death in 1791, over 19,000 American police officers have died. An officer dies in the line serving their communities, we at Instant Checkmate created this infographic. Feel free to share it with family and friends so that more and leave their home to start their duty as police officers, not knowing if they will ever return. They serve their communities fully understanding how dangerous their task is, but proceed anyway because they know their service makes innocent people safer. Most are able to bravely fight crime and still return to their families after the end of their watch. A few, however, make the ultimate sacrifice. of duty on average once every 57 hours. Firearms are the most common way officers die, followed accidents. Every single officer death is a tragedy for the families and departments of the fallen, as well as a nation who counts on their protection. people can understand the npayable debt we all owe to men and women who died in the name of public safety. by auto-related DEADLY HISTORY Over 19,000 American police officers have been killed in the line of duty. The first recorded police officer death was in 1791. On average a police officer is killed in the line of duty every 57 hours. The 1920s was the deadliest decade for police officers. 2355 officers died, 236 per year. The deadliest year was 1930. 293 Officers were killed. The deadliest day in law enforcement history was September 11, 2001. 72 officers died in the terrorist attacks. SOME DEPARTMENTS MORE DANGEROUS THAN OTHERS The New York City Police Department has lost more officers in the line of duty than any other, with 697 deaths. NY T The state with the fewest deaths is Vermont, with 22. Texas has lost 1,653 officers -- more than any other state. TX FIREARMS ARE LEADING CAUSE OF OFFICER DEATHS Of the 19,660 officers who have died in the line of duty throughout U.S. history, there were: 3,238 other 10,973 firearms-related deaths (56%); 5,449 traffic-related deaths (28%); causes (16%) CAUSES OF OFFICER DEATHS IN 2012 BOATING ACCIDENT / HORSE RELATED ACCIDENT AIRCRAFT (2 X 1% EACHA BEATING LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH (3%) (2%) FALL (4%) STABBED (5%) Shooting 49% Stabbed 5% Auto Accident 26% I Fall 4% MOTORCYCLE CRASH (7%) Struck by Vehicle I Aircraft 3% 14% I Beating 2% I Job Related illness I Boating Accident 1% JOB RELATED ILLN ESS 8% Horse Related 1% SHOOTING (8%) (49%) STRUCK BY VEHICLE I Motorcycle Crash 7% (14%) BY PERCΕΝTAGE AUTO ACCIDENT (26%) HONORING THE FALLEN Families of officers killed in the line of duty are offered many ways to honor their loved one at the funeral, including: 24/7 casket watch Bugler to play "Taps" Flag-draped casket Ladder truck flag display Uniform cap placed casket Eulogies by department personnel and Pallbearers (chosen by the family or assigned dignitaries by the department) 21-gun (or 21-bell) salute Color guard Station/cruiser bunting Funeral detail/honor guard O Formal procession to the cemetery Vocalist at the funeral or graveside Riderless horse Badge shrouds O Flag folding ceremony O Retirement of the officer's badge O Dove release Bagpipers O Flyover Last radio call O Reception or luncheon K-9 officers killed in the line of duty are also given a full police funeral. THE NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS MEMORIAL IN WASHINGTON D.C. Every officer who died in the line of duty is carved on two large marble walls. New names are added each spring. The memorial also includes four quotes: "IT IS NOT HOW THESE OFFICERS DIED THAT MADE THEM HEROES, IT IS HOW THEY LIVED." VIVIAN ENEY CROSS, SURVIVOR "IN VALOR THERE IS HOPE." 99 TACITUS "THE WICKED FLEE WHEN NO MAN PURSUETH: BUT THE RIGHTEOUS ARE 99 AS BOLD AS A LION." -PROVERBS 28:1 "CARVED ON THESE WALLS IS THE STORY OF AMERICA, OF A CONTINUING QUEST TO PRESERVE BOTH DEMOCRACY AND DECENCY, AND TO PROTECT A NATIONAL TREASURE THAT WE CALL THE AMERICAN DREAM." 99 -PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH If you want to help honor the memory of American law enforcement donate to the National Law Enforcement Officers memorial fund: SOURCES: Kcheckmate

Officer Down! Honoring Our Fallen Heroe

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Officer Down! Honoring Our Fallen Officers infographics by Instant Checkmate criminal background checks.


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