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Less Lethal Vs. Lethal Weapons: Inconsistencies in Self Defense Laws

Less LETHAL WEAPONS IN SOME STATES IT'S LEGAL TO OWN A HANDGUN BUT ILLEGAL TO OWN PEPPER SPRAY, A TASER OR A STUN GUN. HOW CAN THIS BE? U.S. RESTRICTIONS U.S. laws governing non-lethal weapons are confusing at best and hypocritical at worst. Here's what you need to know, broken down by state. TASERS & STUN GUNS PEPPER SPRAY GUNS NO RESTRICTIONS RESTRICTIONS CARRY (NY) BANNED (NY) PERSONAL (WID CARRY (MA) SIZE (MD BANNED (MA) SIZE (WD SIZE (CA) CARRY (NJ) BANNED (NJ) PERSONAL (IL) PERSONAL (CT) SIZE (NV) BANNED (DC) CARRY CL) CARRY (DC) CARRY IL) CARRY (DC) BANNED (HI) PERSONAL (NC) SIZE (AR) SIZE (TX) TASERS & STUN GUNS PEPPER SPRAY GUNS NY Purchasable from a licensed firearms dealer or licensed pharmacist. DC Completely banned. There are no states that have completely banned guns. HI Completely banned. MA Purchasable only from licensed dealers. L Banned: Concealed Carry. MA Completely banned. DC Must register ownership with police. DC Banned: Concealed Carry. NJ Completely banned. IL Must be 18 years or older and only use it for self-defense. *Restrictions on ownership of guns and concealed carry vary from state to state, however, no state has banned them completely. NY Completely banned. NJ Must be 18 years or older and only use it for self-defense. RI Completely banned. SIZE & CONCENTRATION RESTRICTIONS IN Stun guns are legal, tasers require a license. MA Cannot exceed 35 grams per can and cannot be stronger than 10% concentrate. CT Legal only in a home or business. WI Cannot exceed 15-60 grams per can and cannot be stronger than 10% concentrate. CA Cannot exceed 2.5 ounces per can. IL Legal only in a home or business. NC Legal only in a home or business. NV Chemical sprays – cannot exceed 2 ounces. Natural sprays – no limit. WI Legal only in a home or business, or in public with a concealed carry license. TX Chemical sprays – cannot exceed 2 ounces. Natural sprays – no limit. AR Cannot exceed 5 ounces per can, and it is illegal to use on police officers... in case you were planning on it. STUN GUNS & TASERS WHAT ARE THEY? TEST ELECTRODES CHARGE ELECTRODES.... A mechanism that gives intense initial shock, with a low electricity current and no permanent damage to the body's nervous system. HIGH VOLTAGE: VOLTAGE AMPLIFIER CIRCUIT 20,000-150,000 VOLTS TRIGGER LOW AMPERAGE: 2-3 MILLIAMPS BATTERY COMPARTMENT ·.... • FATAL LEVEL IS 100 MILLIAMPS HOW DO THEY WORK? TASER CARTRIDGE TASER WIRE PROBES The circuitry includes components that boost the voltage in the circuit. It includes an oscillator which fluctuates current -MECHANICAL SIGHTS to produce a specific pulse pattern of electricity. A taser is similar except that its charge electrodes shoot out like a bullet up to 15-20 feet. A taser's disadvantage is it can only be shot once, and then must be reloaded. •ŁASER SIGHT TRIGGER A stun gun isn't considered a gun, but a taser is. Strange... .** BATTERY WHAT DO THEY D0? An electrical charge is dumped into a conductor (the attacker's body) which will have varying effectiveness depending on the duration of the shock. 1/2 SECOND 2 SECONDS Muscle spasms and a dazed/disoriented feeling. Extreme disorientation & loss of muscle control. 3+ SECONDS A painful, startling jolt and muscle contraction. Although tasers and stun guns are very painful, it is extremely unlikely that they will do permanent damage to the body. They are weapons of incapacitation that have saved thousands of lives through non-lethal force. PEPPER SPRAY WHAT ARE THEY? FLIP TOP SAFETY CAP This weapon makes the assailant incapacitated and partially blinded by shooting a strong, but not deadly, dose of Oleoresin Capsicum at the eyes. SPRAY NOZZLE · ACTIVE INGREDIENT: OLEORESIN CAPSICUM • A NATURAL OIL FOUND IN CAYENNE PEPPERS • 1 MILLIGRAM OF PURE OC CAN CAUSE BLISTERS ON SKIN. OLEORESIN CAPSICUM SOLUTION SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS: UP TO 5 MILLION SHUS • JALAPENO PEPPERS ARE 8,000 SHUS. HABANERO PEPPERS ARE 350,000 SHUS. HOW DO THEY WORK? The OC is put in a water-based solution, mixed with propellant, and placed in an aerosol canister. The 3 common spray patterns are: STREAM MIST FOG Easier to aim, but more Less opportunity for self-exposure, but is harder to aim Easiest aim, but the most susceptibility to self-exposure susceptible to self-exposure WHAT DO THEY DO? Depending on the spray pattern, a stream or cloud of oleoresin capsicum is administered around the face. 3-15 MINUTES Coughing and throat swelling. 15-30 MINUTES Eyes can swell shut + temporary blindness. ·45-60 MINUTES Burning sensation in eyes, nose, mouth & throat. THE NUMBERS AVERAGE NUMBER OF U.S. DEATHS PER YEAR # OF LIVES SAVED FROM POTENTIAL DEATH OR - INJURY AS A RESULT OF TASER DEPLOYMENT. 31,000 <10 50 75,000 If less lethal weapons are just as useful for self-defense as guns, then why aren't they as easily accessible? O BRICK HOUSE SECURITY. BRICKHOUSE SECURITY IS PRO NON-LETHAL WEAPONS, ARE YOU? Sources: M3

Less Lethal Vs. Lethal Weapons: Inconsistencies in Self Defense Laws

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When analyzing the legality state by state of "less lethal" weapon laws when related to lethal weapon laws, a strange inconsistency is revealed. While guns are available for purchase in all 50 states,...




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