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Considerations for Buying a New Car

RAINWORTH ŠKODA MANSFIELD | SHEFFIELD ŠKODA CONSIDERATIONS FOR BUYING A NEW CAR CHECKLISTS, TIPS & ADVICE FOR BUYERS Where to Start. Purchasing a brand-new car is an enjoyable and exciting experience. It provides the opportunity to tailor a new car to your exact tastes, choosing everything from the seat fabric to the type of engine and gearbox. Also, buying new means you can drive with the peace of mind that your car has not been poorly maintained by a former owner - something which can seriously affect the lifespan of a used model. With thousands of pounds at stake, it is important to choose the right car, in the right specification and getting it for a good price. This guide gives tips to ensure you are making the right decisions when buying a new vehicle. Ask the Questions Before purchasing a new car, ask the following questions: "What are my "Do I need the car for anything specific?" essential requirements?" "Is it for short city drives or longer "What's better, petrol or diesel?" motorway journeys?" "Do I need an "Do I want to overly large boot?" consider an eco-friendly car?" Buying on a Budget Below are the more cost-effective options to consider when purchasing a new car: Smaller engines can be cheaper. Petrol cars tend Manual cars are to be cheaper than diesel. cheaper than automatic. CO2 Check its CO² Smaller cars are Hybrid cars are cheap to run but cost more to buy. emissions, as cheaper to insure. they affect the duty you pay. Cost Checklist There are two sorts of costs you need to budget for: upfront and ongoing. Check you have budgeted for the following: Any upfront Finance costs. repayments. Fuel. Таx. Car insurance. MOTS and servicing. Parking permits Other spending, and tolls. such as tyres or repairs. Test Drive Checklist The points below should be considered when testing a new car: Is your driving position comfortable? Try driving different routes. Do an emergency stop on an empty road to double-check the brakes. Check that the brakes and clutch function smoothly and effectively. If will this go in easily? you will be fitting a child car seat, Check bonnet, doors and boot. What is the passenger space like? Fill your boot space. What is the power like? What is the engine noise (and other noises) like? Check the suspension. Trusted Dealerships Before purchasing any type of new car, it is recommended to do so from an experienced and trusted car dealership. To see the new car range from Rainworth ŠKODA please visit RAINWORTH ŠKODA MANSFIELD | SHEFFIELD ŠKODA

Considerations for Buying a New Car

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This infographic includes checklists, tips and advice for people who are looking to buy a brand new car. The piece highlights what questions to ask yourself before buying, considerations for budgets ...


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