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How To Store Your Car For Winter

HOW TO STORE YOUR CAR FOR WINTER Just because you take your car off the street for the winter, it doesn't mean it's safe from damage to the body, interior and the engine. Prep and store your car carefully and it'll be in great shape come spring. Potential Damage Damage Prevention ENGINE TROUBLES If you're a good mechanic, spray Spark plugs left Gasoline can Fill the gas tank with premium non-alcohol to sit for an oxidize when extended the cylinders left unburned, period can with clogging up fuel and fogging oil. If not, ask your start to gas lines. add fuel rust and stabilizer seize. to prevent mechanic oxidation. to help out. GAS SPARK PLUGS BATTERY FLUID LEVELS OIL As with your gas Old oil can Change Change and top off all your fluid tank, a low coolant, clutch, become acidic the oil and and cause filters. brake and engine damage. windshield levels. tanks will leave space for condensation. FLUID LEAKS In older vehicles, the battery should Condensation Leave the In old cars, can rise after forming below your car, and fluid car parked on a plastic drop sheet. disconnect the battery. For new ones, keep the battery be disconnected. In newer vehicles, leaks can onboard connected stain your computers and use a garage or need trickle storage unit. constant power. charger. BODY & INTERIOR ISSUES Sun damage can crack vinyl and cause leather Store your car indoors, whether in Close vents and roll up windows. Crack one Small animals might find your car a comfort- your garage or in storage. If you have to store window slightly if to fade. stored indoors but Drying of able not enough to let animals inside. Stuff a rag in your paper can home cause outside, for the speakers to blow. cover the winter. exhaust and cover it entire vehicle. with a metal screen. DASHBOARD AND SPEAKERS PESTS Wiper blades can stick to the windshield, Wherever you store your car, give it a thorough wash and wax beforehand. Be especially If your wipers can be pulled away, Corrosion and paint damage - a major concern in coastal store them in the especially if left 'out' position. If not wrap areas and outside. blades in during careful about plastic. winter. dirt in wheel wells. WIPERS WHEEL WELLS TIRES BRAKE PADS SHOCK ABSORBERS Exposure Inflate your Older bias ply If the parking Unless you Disengage the parking brake and use bias ply tires, do not and tires to the tires need to be jacked off the ground to prevent changes in proper brake is left tem- store pressure level. on, use brake wheel pera- ture your Check pads chocks. them car on if over- setting. However, can can blocks. cause inflation stick to leaving shock absorbers tires to is recom- mended for the rotors. break down. your car. extended and exposed to the elements can cause them to rust. Sources: NEXT DOOR STORAGE SELF STORAGE

How To Store Your Car For Winter

shared by matthewzajechowski on Dec 30
Putting your car into hibernation for the winter can save you a lot of trouble over the colder months, and with these tips for storing your car, you can safely put your car in storage and know that it...



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