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Cognitive Development

Jean Piaget's THEORY OF COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT sensorimotor (birth - 2 years) discovery of the world happens only through the senses, movement and sensation3; basic understanding of cause and effect. object permanence (6 months) understanding that when something leaves view it does not cease to exist. stranger anxiety (8 months) crying, distress and discomfort when exposed to strangers pre operational (3 years - 6 years) discovery of the world happens through language and basic symbols; very concrete understanding lack of conservation (3 years - 5 years) egocentric thinking (3 years - 6 years) world is only understood in relation to the self volume and depth percetion are virtually nonexistent concrete operational (7 years - 12 years) discovery of the world happens through basic logic, math and jokes; basic under- standing of volume and depth perception formal operational (13 years - death) discovery of the world happens through abstract concepts; moral, philosophical, ethical, social, and political issues that require theoretical and abstract faced and delt with; deductive logic and reasoning introduced One of Piaget's main points is that children's brains are working harder than adults, as they are creating and building schemas- the information organizing and storage structures in the brain. Because of the building and filing done as a child, adults have much greater ease in understanding the world.

Cognitive Development

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Jean Piaget's theory on Cognitive Development. Data and information from the David Meyers textbook.


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