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The Imp of the Mind: Invasive Bad Thoughts

Machine Anything powered by mechanical means or an energy source Physical Using the body as a way of inflicting harm Material Remote Any kind of tangible substance or object An Inventory of Invasive Bad Thoughts Key: Nature of Power Direct 1- Thoughts about harming your baby 2 - Worrying about Molesting your daughter 3- Worrying about steering your automobile into a pedestrian 4 - Worrying about pushing a commuter in front of an oncoming train 5- Urges to jump from the top of a tall building 6 - Thoughts about harming an inocent child 7- Urges to jump off a mountain 8- Urges to jump in front of an oncoming train 9- Urges to push another person in front of a train or automobile 10 - Unacceptable sexual thoughts abe 11 - Unnacceptable sexual thoughts towards strangers 12 - Sexual thoughts toward religious figures like God, Jesus or Mary 13 - Incestuous thoughts or urges 14 - Worrying about saying racist things 15 - Worrying that deep down you're really a violent criminal 16 - Worrying that you'll kill your children the way Susan Smith did 17 - Worrying that you'll become a killer like Jeffrey Dahmer 18 - Worrying about throwing your baby against a wall 19 - Worrying about fracturing your baby's s 20 - Worrying about smothering your baby with a pillow 21 - Worrying about stabbing your baby with a knife 22 - Worrying about molesting your baby while changing him 23 - Worrying that you'll one day snap and harm your baby 24 - Imagining a dog jumping in front of your car and being run over 25 - Worrying about swerving your car off the road 26 - Worrying about shouting obscenities in p 27 - Avoiding children for fear 28 - Avoiding TV shows, movies, books, and magazines because they trigger violent thoughtS 29 - Avoiding TV shows, movies, books, and magazines because they trigger sexual thoughts 30 - Worrying about having sex with animals 31 - Worrying that you really want to have sex with animals 32 - Worrying about staring at a dog's genitals 33 - Thoughts about killing your children or your spouse 34 - Worrying about being compelled by the devil to harm your family 35 - Thoughts of killing people while driving 36 - Worrying about throwing children off a bridge 37- Worrying about poisoning your infant 38 - Thoughts of homosexual acts 39 - Thoughts of having sex with people you brush against 40 - Avoiding using knives 41 - Worrying you might be gay 42 - Worrying you might shout out racial slurs 43 - Worrying you would stare at a woman's breasts, buttocks or crotch 44 - Worrying you would stare at men's crotch 45 - Incestuous sexual thoughts 46 - Worrying about being sexually aroused around your father or mother 47 - Worrying that while using a knife you might lose control and stab people 48 - Worrying that you'll say things like '1 hope your baby dies! 49 - Worrying that you might smother a baby in his carriage by covering him with his blanket 50 - Avoiding looking at a baby's genitals while changing him for fear of wanting to molest him 51 - Trying to convince yourself that you haven't molested someone 52 - Obsessions about putting your baby in a microwave oven 53 - Obsessions about throwing a baby down a flight of stairs 54 - Images of a baby lying dead in a casket 55 - Images of a baby bleeding and injured 56 - Images of a baby being eaten by sharks 57 - Worrying you might drown a baby 58 - Worrying you'll engage in a mass shooting 59 - Worrying you committed some crime while asleep 60 - Worrying you committed some crime while intoxicated 61 - Worried about running over pedestrians with your car 62 - Checking to make sure you haven't hurt a child 63 - Asking for reassurance that you haven't done something wrong 64 - Checking to make sure you haven't shouted an insult 65 - Worrying about smashing a crucifix in church 66 - Worrying about commiting Blasphemous acts while in church 67 - Thoughts of violent acts during sex 68 - Thoughts of sexually punishing a loved one 69 - Thoughts of unnatural sex acts 70 - Thoughts of sex with animals 71- Impulse to engage in sexual practices that cause pain to the partner 72 - Sexual impulses towards attractive females, known or unknown to you 73 - Impulses to sexually assault a female, known or unknown to you 74 - Blasphemous sexual images about the virgin mary or Jesus 75 - Thoughts of harming children or elderly people 76 - Imagining that someone close to you was hurt or harmed 77 - Impulse to violently attack or kill a dog 78 - Impulse to violently attack and kill someone 79 - Thinking of wishing that someone would disappear off the face of the earth 80 - Impulse to hit or harm someone 81 - Feelings of intense anger toward someone related to a past experience 82 - Impulse to harm children, especially smaller ones 83 - Impulse to shout at someone 84 - Impulse to attack certain persons 85 - Impulse to physically and verbally attack someone 86 - Impulse to violently attack and punish someone 87 - Impulse to say rude things to people 88 - Impulse to say something nasty and damning to someone 89 - Impulse to say innappropriate things ( the 'wrong thing in the wrong place' impulse) 90 - Impulse to say rude and unacceptable things 91 - Impulse to push people away or onto the ground 92 - Blasphemous thoughts during prayers 93 - Obsessions about brushing against others 94 - Avoiding crowded spaces because of fears of being accused of molesting others The arrows indicate whether harm is directed internally or externally Foreign Modalities Index number correlates to invasive bad thought - White band around circle represents naunces within the thought - Container colored according to color indicator of type of victim harmed Indirect T Collective FSingular tpeople you know Circular node is an indicator of whether the thought is directed at a singular individual or a mass group.Node placement on the thicker band indicates that the thought is directed at a collective, hence living on the outer rings. The clusters of nodes that exist within the colored bands on the dotted lines show the quantity of a particular modality of power directed at a subject, creating a constellation of the perverse. Source of Power / Where the Imp of the Mind Resides public of harming them Source of Powern Our own mindh .. The Imp of the Mind: Invasive Bad Thoughts Based off a book titled 'The Imp of the Mind' by Lee Baer, this particular Infographic serves as a visual map or 'the gold standard' of typologies of Invasive bad thoughts. The silent epidemic of obsessive bad thoughts is one that plagues the everyman, yet is never spoken of due to the taboo and disturbing nature of the subject matter. The conceptual logic underpinning the modeling of the data is that, embedded within each bad thought is an inclination to impose harm upon some entity. The origin of inception is rooted within oneself, as therein lies the impulse to harm. This power can either be directed internally or externally depending on the nature of the thought. Internally implying that one is prone to thoughts in relation to self-harm. The recipients of harm are categorized according to individual and collective, as some people tend to think about hurting a broader category of parties, whereas some thoughts are more specific. Trends evident from the mapping of nodes is a prediliction of the thoughts to veer toward harming 'disinterested parties, who one does not have a level of familarity with, perhaps making it easier for the thought to perpetuate itself due to the lack of sentimental value. Carnal Any manner of sexual abuse

The Imp of the Mind: Invasive Bad Thoughts

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The Imp of the Mind: Invasive Bad Thoughts Based off a book titled ‘The Imp of the Mind’ by Lee Baer, this particular Infographic serves as a visual map or ‘the gold standard’ of typologies o...


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