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Olympic swimming 2012: faster, better, stronger

FASTER, BETTER, STRONGER SWIMMING At CREAX we are always fishing for the latest technological evolutions. Infected with Olympic fever, we wanted to investigate the link between technological evolutions and athletic performance. We had a closer look at swimming in the Olympic games since 1972. OLYMPIC GAMES 2012 We took a deep dive into scientific literature, patents, Youtube movies and oldschool pictures of macho men in speedos and designed the Next Generation of Swim Equipment! HOLLYWOOD 72 76 80 84 88 92 96 00 04 08 12 10 lanes 10 lanes & some extra 8 lanes POOL Everything starts with the swimming pool! Olympic cities try to Adding empty lanes on the sides of the pool decreases the turbulence in the build the fastest swimming pool in order to send previous water world records down the drain. Our advice? Make it even wider! In '84 the pool had 8 lanes again, and guess what: our hypothesis proved to be wrong. The same is true for '92... An ordinary 10 lane swimming pool in London... Maybe an RECORDS UPDATE extra size for Rio 2016? 51,22s These are the 100m 50s 50,04s 49,99s 49,8s freestyle gold medal times for men, from 48,63s 49,02s 48,74s 1972 until 2008. 48,3s 48,17s 47,52s See any trends? 47,21s Our advice? 45s Yep, make it even deeper! Depth of swimming pool is increased with 1m, thereby decreasing water turbulence. Nope, they didn't. The pool UPDATE was still 3m deep. THE SWIMIMERS. 110ogenba Adrian omery Biondi M.Spit Woithe R Gaines Popov Popor Bernard P.van den Hoogenb. M. Nathan P van den Lots of facial hair, for the |ladies... Speedo has developed a tailor-made swimming cap, combined with matching goggles. We predict the use of these new war bonnets at the 2012 Introduction of be swimming goggles Swimmers start to experiment with different shapes and lenghts of swimming Olympics, breaking yet another world record! Some pants. Dutchman seems to have cracked THEIR SWIMSUITS_ Yes! A lot of swimmers, including Nathan Adrian, have used this golden Speedo the code... UPDATE combo. ПлА Swimming pants are not The LZR suit has been banned considered crucial in the Olympics. New dresscode was the swimming from the race for faster times, they are just.. euh Introduction of the LZR suit to reduce drag and increase bouyancy. Floating better sure seems to have given wings to the swimmers, since many world records were beaten in this suit at the Bejing Olympics. ... well... pants had to start from the knee. So Speedo has redesigned the LZR suit into a decorated. mini-skirt version... Indeed! The Aquatics Centre dresscode were IDEAS TO INCREASE THE PERFORMANCE UPDATE short pants. POOL 50m What if we could sculpt the body through botox-like injections START FINISH A bigger pool decreases turbulence and increases and cleave the water speed. like a Black Marlin? turbulence So... ... make the pool longer and build a launchpad to start from on top. The fur of ... build a porous wall in the allowing turbulence to escape from polar bears not only camouflages them in icy snow plains, but also increases their water, the the pool. buoyancy. The fur hairs are hollow, forming little air traps, THE FOOD which makes the он H. bears float better, and protects them against the cold. Athletes are diet Н RMONES freaks. You are renalin what you eat! imagine swimmers eating air-filled capsules So но What about a very furry gold medalist он in the next crawl to increase their The body produces adrenalin in dangerous, race? stressfull and emotional situations. Because buoyancy. As we learned from the of adrenalin we are able to take more pain LZR suit, lifting the athlete slightly has an exponential impact performance. and perform better. What if we encouraged the swimmer's body to produce adrenalin? Watch a horror movie, go skydiving or jump from a cliff right before the race! Increase the ability to paddle the water and hence speed up the swimmer's movement. on his Here comes the Swimmer's Manicure! Nathan Adrian touched the wall one hundreth of a second earlier THE VENUE than James Magnussen. Did anyone notice his manicure? UPDATE more Oxygen CREAX creativity for innovation For more information regarding this infographic or CREAX and its services please contact: [email protected] SOURCES:;;; SIDE TOP VIEW BODY MODIFICATIONS many m ore meters

Olympic swimming 2012: faster, better, stronger

shared by creax on Jul 03
At CREAX we are always fishing for the latest technological evolutions. Infected with Olympic fever, we wanted to investigate the link between technological evolutions and athletic performance. We had...


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