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50 Olympic Events You Won't See At London 2012

50 OLYMPIC EVENTS YOU WON'T SEE AT LONDON 2012 London 2012 is upon us, but despite its unrivalled spectacle as a sporting exhibition we know what we're going to get. It's not always been this way though. Prior to wwIl the Olympic Games were far more open to experi- mentation. It was an age of invention and this was reflected in the events that made up the greatest sports day of them all. Live pigeon shooting anyone? * The 1906 Olympics in Athens were known as the Intercalated Games. Although considered official at the time, they're no longer recognised by the 1OC. They were, however, the first truly successful modern Olympic Games and did a lot to ensure the continued existence of the global sporting occasion. 1. Greek-Style Discus How do you throw the Discus like a Greek? Launch it from a raised platform then eat some hummus (hummus eating optional) Standing High Jump Standing Hop, Step, Jump 2. Standing Broad Jump Ah, the long jump for lazy people. Just stand stll and leap as far as you can 16lb Shot Put (2 Hands) Greek-Style Discus (1) 3. Freestyle Javelin Lety you throw however you want. Backwards, behind the head, between the legs...just be careful Stone Throw (6kg) Standing Broad Jump (2) Javelin (2 Hands) 4. Classic Pentathlon Put together the long jump, dis cuss, javelin, 200 metres and 1500 metres and you get the Classic Pentathlon. It hardly sounds like a classic to us Long Jump/Shot/100yd Triathlon Javelin (Freestyle) (3) Discus (2 Hands) 5. Indian Club Swinging Imagine someone wearing a leotard and waving around a pair of ten-pin skittles 'artisti- cally. got that? You're imagin- ing the Olympic sport of Indian Club Swinging 56lb Weight Throw Classic Pentathlon (4) Tug-of-War Indian Club Swinging (5) 6. Sidehorse Vaulting details available Sidehorse Vaulting. Most likely it's vaulting done sideways? Hopefully involving an actual horse, but probably not Tumbling Few The Sidehorse Vault (6) Rope Climb 7, 17-Man Naval Rowing Boaty In this event the boaty were naval, but sadly the competitors weren't 17-Man Naval Rowing Boats (7) Motor Boating 8. 100m Freestyle for Sailory Should have been called 100m Freestyle For Greek Sailors, be- cause thatťy what it was. It also offered much delight for anyone greeting the competitors. Hello sailor! Yachting 40m Class 100m Freestyle for Sailors (8) Underwater Swimming (6) (10) The Plunge 9. The Plunge This was brilliant! Sort of under- water 'planking'. Yup, it's the same game you played as a kid - dive in, keep stiff and see how far you can travel Swimming Obstacle Race Plain High Diving (11) Equestrian High Jump 10. Swimming Obstacle Race This involved negotiating boaty and poles, while paddling furi- ously against the current of the River Seine (ity one outing was in Paris). Ridiculous Equestrian Long Jump Polo Rugby Union Lacrosse 11. Plain High Diving No fancy Dan somersaulty and twists here, just Plain Diving. No seriously that was it, dive into the pool. To be fair probably harder than it looks, but even so, this, at the Olympics!? Basque Pelota (12) Golf (Men's) Golf (Women's) 12. Basque Pelota You use a curved bat or basket to fire a ball against a wall, a bit like Squash. Apparently it's the fastest sport on earth. Take that Usain! Jeu de Paume (13) Cricket Racquets (Men's) (14) Roque (15) 13. Jew de Paume Like playing tennis with your hands. "You cannot be serious"? Croquet 14. Raquety Pretty much Squash, but with a longer racket. A good game for people with short arms? 60m Dash 5 Mile Run 200m Hurdles 15. Roque Ever played Croquet? Roque is the same but played on a hard surface. Croquet without the lawn!? No wonder they scrapped 2000m Tandem (Cycling) Dueling Pistol it 100m Running Deer (16) 16. 100m Running Deer This shooting event didn't actu- ally involve popping a cap into Bambi, just a target that moved sideways swiftly 25 Yd Rifle (Disappearing Target) Military Rifle (17) Live Pigeon Shooting (18) 17. Military Rifle No volleys of lead from an AK47 the name suggests. The Military Rifle discipline required 40 single shoty to be made over two days. Sedate Fencing (Sword and Sabre) as One Hand Weightlifting All Round Dumbell Contest 18. Live Pigeom Shooting Basically, shoot as many birds as you can! Not pleasant to behold, and as such it thankfully only made Olympic history one appearance in Is it likely we'll see any of these events wmake a return in Brazil? Probably not. Although we'd suggest a reappearance of a few would cause a bit more excitement than, let's say, Rugby sevens, which will be featuring. Mind you, at least those pigeons will be happy... Sources: find me a gift. 1896 : Athens 1900 : Paris 1904 : St. Louis 1906 : Athens * 1908 : London 1912 : Stockholm 1920 : Antwerp 1924 : Paris 1928 : Amsterdam 1932 : Los Angeles 1936 : Berlin

50 Olympic Events You Won't See At London 2012

shared by SamC on Jun 06
Before the Second World War the Olympics were all about experimentation. This infographic focuses on 50 of the weirdest sports to have graced the games and tells you when they were a part of the great...


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