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Should You Google Your Ex?

SHOULD YOU GOOGLE YOUR EX? NO Are You Ahh, we get it. Thinking You're just looking for an excuse to avoid your work. About Your Ex? YES Get back to it! (But bookmark this page in case you start reminiscing about your ex.) Why Do You Want To Look Them Up? Shh.. I'm on a secret mission to win them back. I want proof they were cheating on me. To see if they're still hot. (But I hope they put on a few pounds.) Just curious. Who isn't? SURE, WHY NOT GOOGLE THEM? GOOGLE About a quarter of Internet users have admitted to doing it anyway. If you don't have strong feelings for your ex, it can't hurt to see what they're up to. THEM 25% OF INTERNET USERS GOOGLE THEIR EX How Serious Were You? We had kids. Are You They were pretty much marriage material. With They met my family. Someone It was more of a fling. Now? YES NO Don't even bother Googling your ex. It's time to leave the past behind, before you ruin your new relationship. Did It End Badly? Eh, it went as well as a break-up could. Uh... ya. That's why I've resorted to stalking them online. Is Your Ex With Someone New? Ya, but let's be honest. They'll never Ha! They couldn't take care of themselves, let alone someone else. find anyone better than me. I was, until I blocked them. f Ya, but their profile doesn't show me anything. Are You Nope. They Facebook Friends don't believe in Facebook With Your Ex? GOOGLE THEM Are They NO Married? Or Worse, Do YOU DEFINITELY NEED THE INSIDE SCOOP YES They Have Kids? So go ahead, search your ex on Google. We won't tell anyone. Just remember, everything in moderation! If you start checking their name as often as you check your email, you're bordering on obsessive. STOP RIGHT THERE, and close that search page before someone gets hurt. Your ex has clearly moved on, even if you haven't. Stop trying to keep tabs on them, or you'll sink deeper into that miserable state of resentment. Now's your chance to extinguish your old flame and look for new love. Are They On Instagram? Ya, and I saw pictures of their new fling. I just don't get it. I'm way better looking. Nope. Seriously, I can't take it anymore! I need to find out what they're up to. SOCIAL MEDIA IS A DISTORTION OF REALITY GOOGLE Your ex is putting up what they want you to see and it's probably a much better version than the person you remember. If you want to find out what they're really up to, Google them. Just be careful that "Googling my ex" doesn't become a new hobby on your Facebook profile. THEM Go beyond Google and take it to the next level. Look up your ex on TruthFinder and see what they've really been up to. Uncover secrets that normal search engines can't find. truthfinder

Should You Google Your Ex?

shared by TruthFinder on Apr 01
Is it worth your time to look up your ex? We've devised this handy flowchart so you can figure out whether it's worthwhile (and healthy) to search around and find out what they're up to.




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