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Seriously Weird Contraceptives Through the Ages

Seriously Weird CONTRACEPTIVES THROUGH THE AGES Current contraceptive methods have been developed following years of research and founded upon proven scientific understanding. Unfortunately, our ancestors weren't so lucky having to use some weird and worrying measures for contraception. CROCODILE DUNG The Ancient Egyptians placed concoctions of crocodile dung, honey and sodium carbonate in the vagina to stop the sperm completing its journey. WEASEL'S TESTICLES Seemingly based in myth, weasel testicles were tied to the thighs of medieval woman to ward off baby spirits. : MERCURY COCKTAIL ! Possibly the most dangerous contraceptive plan was the drinking of lead and mercury by Chinese concubines to stay sterile. Side effects included death. BEAVER TESTICLE TEA Another contraceptive based around the testicles of furry critters was Beaver Testes Tea drunk in 16th century Canada. : PIG'S INTESTINE CONDOM Closer to modern contraception, the oldest condoms to date was made from pig intestine and dates back to 1642. ACACIA, DATES AND HONEY One of the more effective ancient methods was the seed wool, acacia, dates and honey tampon. The acacia would ferment into lactic acid, an ingredient still used in modern spermicides. BLACKSMITH WATER 1 For nearly two millennia, the Ancient Greek method of drinking blacksmith water to stay child-free was a popular method, despite the onset of kidney failure, seizures, comas and death. LEMONS Used as a diaphragm in the 1700s, the acidity of lemons was effective at killing sperm. However, it also significantly damaged vaginal tissue. : GOLDEN CERVICAL CAPS Fitted over a woman's cervix, golden cervical caps were popular with the rich and famous. Until they discovered use could lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome and infections. PAPAYA SEEDS Slightly less scary than many inclusions on this list i - men in South Asia and Southeast Asia ate the seeds of unripe papaya to cut their sperm count to zero. : MULE'S EARWAX AMULET 1 Yep. Wearing an amulet made from the earwax of a mule was believed, by some medieval folk, to prevent pregnancy. EATING BEANS Some Ancient Egyptian sexual health experts just implored the woman to eat beans on an empty stock to avoid pregnancy. : HOLDING YOUR BREATH Another wacky entry from the Ancient Greeks – the woman was tasked with holding her breath during coitus before bending the knees and sneezing to expel semen. ONION JUICE The Ancient Egyptians also believed onion juice applied to the tip of the penis before sex would do the trick. JUMPING BACKWARDS The influential Ancient Greek gynaecologist, Soranus (not joking), claimed that women should jump backwards seven times following sex as contraception. COCA COLA In the 1950s and 60s when contraceptives were widely unavailable, Coca Cola douches became de-facto pregnancy kits. DISTANCE A 1971 Chinese study suggested that 6% of women ! used 'having a husband out the city' as birth control. Me neither. It's amazing what previous generations used as contraception - but today, advances in condoms and other contraceptive methods mean that we can all| enjoy safe, enjoyable sex with the minimum of fuss. For top-quality condoms from as little as 9p each, head to freedoms Shop Sources:

Seriously Weird Contraceptives Through the Ages

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Generations past have used some seriously weird things as contraceptives - researching this infographic made the team at Freedoms Shop very grateful for modern medical advances. From innocent-sounding...


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