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A Gentleman's Guide to Dating

GROOMU PRESENTS DATING A GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE Concerned Casanova's and lazy lothario's read on. This easy guide to dating EOHO TOm will make pleasing your partner a breeze.. LOEOFOEG DON'T FORGET THƏIMOT ITAA Perhaps the biggest obstacle you face when going on a date is to remember that it's actually happening. It's been scientifically proven that men are worse than women at remembering everyday events, so make a note in your diary, set an alarm, tattoo it on your forehead if you must, just don't forget to prepare accordingly for the big day. FEED CAT PHONE DAD PUT OUT BINS BUY MILK WALK DOG GRANS BIRTHDAY WATCH TOP GEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY PAY BILLS BOOK HOLIDAY THE ART OF GIFT GIVING So, what's next? Well, if it's a birthday/anniversary/Valentine's, you'll probably need a present. I know what you're thinking. Teddy bears and balloons right? Well, step away from the cuddly toys, Romeo; they are not your friend. Jewellery, perhaps, or an inexpensive-but-nonetheless-meaningful-gesture are. Tickets to the football are NOT. A designer handbag IS etc. etc. Hug те $$$3 24 Je t'aime %24 WEST BROMWICH ALBION ENEMY FRIEND A PLAN OF ACTION If you haven't already broken the bank and purchased a diamond-encrusted pony in a moment of sheer panic, consider some kind of an activity you can enjoy as a couple. Make a restaurant reservation, go to a concert, plan a cosy night in or providing your idea of fine dining isn't turkey dinosaurs and chips, rustle up a tasty meal for two. HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW? Giving that facial fuzz a good seeing to is an essential step in the pre-date process. Whether you're a bearded bro' or no, tidy up that 'tache and mow down any stray hairs for a sleek and sexy look. And don't stop there. While 76% of women like a guy with some hair on his chest, 86% don't expect to encounter an undergrowth of neanderthal proportions down below. THE ART OF SEDUCTION Flowers? Check. Candles? Check. A strong but sexy aesthetic? No sweat. Get your grooming groove on and make sure she won't be able to resist you and your wily charms. Start by taming that mop of yours with some Hairbond Moulder hair wax, before banishing bad breath with a bacteria-busting toothpaste and minty mouthwash. HAIRB OND MOULDER HAIRBOND" Professional Hair Shaper UNITED KINGDOM BE A MAN Affirming your manliness is sure to win you brownie points. You can assert your masculinity by opening jars without a tea towel or by wrestling a shark with your bare hands, both of which are guaranteed to make her weak at the knees. Don't believe us? According to research, women see a manly man as a better reproductive mate. See? BE SENSITIVE Here's where things get confusing. Sure, girls want you to be all manly and heroic some of the time but, get this, they also want you to be sensitive and loving too. Baffling! Show her your softer side and, in the words of Billy Joel, tell her about it, tell her everything you feel! Some would say this is what being a REAL man is all about. OPEOEOECHOHOEOE GROOMU DISCOVER MALE GROOMING Design by

A Gentleman's Guide to Dating

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and instead of leaving you fella’s to flounder and fail at the mercy of your Mrs,, the online retailer of high quality male grooming products, created this ...




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