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Where NOT to go on a First Date!

where NOT to go on a FIRST DATE Thinking about a first date with anyone can be a daunting task. It's because of this that it's so easy to get them extremely wrong. With this guide on where NOT to go on a first date, you should never have to worry about a nightmare first date again. 1. WEDDING 66 I've been invited to a wedding, would you like to be my date? You can meet all of the family and friends that you'll awkwardly bump into after you break it off in three weeks. 99 of women avoid a first date due to desperate or needy texts 60% 2. YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY 66 Would you like to go on a date with me where l'll be the centre of attention? No? Oh, okay then... 99 On average, every woman has 1.4 men seeking their affection 3. THE MOVIES Going to the cinema to see a film is a classic first date. What better way to get to know each other than two and a half hours of not talking? Looking at a person's face to see reactions to judge whether they find the same things funny or impressive that you do isn't too great a way to judge the potential of future romance. 43% of women 'hunt' in groups of looking for love 4. YOUR LOCAL PUB You know EVERYONE. Everyone knows you. But not your date. They'll all be watching. How... awkward. 41* of women reject men for being too drunk 5. THE CLUB How well you bump and grind with someone is not the key determiner of love. It's also too loud to talk, and you'll spend most of your night queueing for drinks or making a fool of yourself. The club is a place to go AFTER you've had a successful first date. 44* of women avoid a first date because the man 'talks dirty too much' via text 6. STRIP CLÚB.. Seriously? This is getting silly now. People actually go here? On a date? 7. SWIMMING? LOL. 83* of women have had corny pick-up lines used on them 8. XBOX LIVE Don't be tempted to ask someone you've got your eye on to game with you, even if they're into it. This is a surefire way to get yourself friendzoned', no matter how comfortable you'll feel. 9. BINGO 122 43 57 Wait... what? Need we say any more on this subject? 30% of women want men to wait 2 days before he first texts them after a date 10. LIBRARY Go back to bed. You've never seriously considered the library for a date, right? It's like the cinema problem all over again, but they aren't even reading the same book as you. Certainly not at the same pace, anyway. of men "blow their chances' 21*) by waiting three or more days to get in touch 11. A DOUBLE DATE, ANYWHERE The thought of the idea might sound great, and it might even seem like it would make it less awkward. But what's more awkward then your friend hitting it off with their date whilst you miserably fail with yours? 21% of women reject men for being ugly - harsh! 12. A MUSEUM Some museums may be really interesting (zzz...) but this isn't the place you should find out if someone shares similar interests to you or not. Find out on a 'normal' first date, and then if you find yourself talking about similar things, getting on well and you thỉnk a museum might be something you'd both enjoy, invite them then. TL 10 10 LARAB GRA M STAN CANU ARKFOLoi M of women reject 44* men for having poor conversation STAN 13. MEMORY LANE Whilst it's true that this isn't actually a real place (phew), it's always one - if not the - most awkward places you can take a first date. Or any date. Your ex-partner is not someone you should ever mention unless asked about, and you definitely shouldn't show any lasting feelings for them; including anger or disappointment. Now you know where NOT to go on a first date, you won't make any bad decisions but what should you do on a first date? Well worry no more - stay tuned for SNIZL's next guide on where TO go on a first date as well as our own handy dating etiquette. SHARE YOUR WORST DATES WITH US! f S snizl INGO B INGO BI12 273 7 2 32 1818 14 21 13

Where NOT to go on a First Date!

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Ever wanted to know where the worst places to take your potential love interest for your first time stepping out together? Read on for our top tips on where NOT to go for your first date…




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