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What Does The Colour Of Your Car Say About You?

WHAT DOES THE COLOUR OF YOUR CAR SAY ABOUT YOU? Car dealerships offer a seemingly endless variety of color options, designed to engage even the most fickle buyers. From traditional standbys like black and blue to more uncommon colors like green and yellow, carmakers are pulling out all the stops in order to make their products appealing to drivers. The wide variety of colors available has some questioning whether consumers make their selection based on simple preference, or whether or not the color of their vehicle somehow reflects their psychology. Whatever the reason, it cannot be denied that color plays a huge role in sales. 93% 85% of consumers view color and overall visual appearance as the most important factors when shopping of consumers say that color is the primary reason why they buy a product WHITE You are fastidious, enjoy a simple life, have a strong attention to detail & are possibly a perfectionist PINK You are gentle, loving & caring RED You are energetic, dynamic & have a lust for life PURPLE You are creative, unafraid of stepping outside of the norm & happy to be seen as unique BLUE You are confident, quiet & dependable GREEN You are trustworthy, traditional and balanced, but can also be lively & occasionally hysterical YELLOW You are upbeat, intelligent & young at heart BROWN/BEIGE You are practical, reliable, down-to-earth & pragmatic. GREY You are calm, sober & very career-driven SILVER You are calm, cool, elegant, futuristic & possibly detached BLACK You are conservative, empowered, elegant & professional BROUGHT TO YOU BY: PRODUCED BY: Motorclick ATTWOOD VEDTGNTAL Buying with us is as simple as Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre.

What Does The Colour Of Your Car Say About You?

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An infographic on the psychological meanings behind car colours






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