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The Psychology of Colour

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOUR INFOGRAPHIC PURPLE SECONDARY BLUE PRIMARY TRANQUIL GENTLE TRUTH ROMANCE PEACE INSPIRATION AGGRESSION ENERGY POWER FERTILITY NATURE RENEWAL TRANQUILITY DANGER PASSION НОРЕ STRENGTH OUTDOORS EARTH CREDIBILITY SIMPLICITY IMAGINATION ENERGY TIMISM SECONDARY ORANGE COLOUR MEANINGS IN DIFFERENT CULTURES CHINA: EUROPEAN: EUROPEAN: CHINA: EUROPEAN: EUROPEAN: soothing, "something blue" bridal tradition health, prosperity and harmony marriage, angels, doctors, hospitals, mourning, funerals, death, rebellion, cool, the colour of brides, happiness, hope, joy, cowardice, hazards, good luck, celebration, summoning CHEROKEES: weakness JAPAN: peace restfulness defeat, trouble IRAN: ASIA: imperial, sacred CHEROKEES: life JAPAN: CHINA: mourning, white carnation symbolizes triumph, success IRELAND: neutral colour mourning, colour of heaven and spirituality symbol of the entire country, Catholics INDIA: CHINA: THAILAND: death CHINA: purity royalty, nourishing EGYPT: bad luck, evil, SOUTH AFRICA: CHINA: USA: unhappiness, immortality mourning colour WESTERN: mourning JAPAN: money WESTERN: mourning, death INDIA: JUDAISM: unhappiness, bad luck, evil AUSTRALIAN HINDUISM: courage INDIA excitement, love, spring, new birth, go, Saint Patrick's Day, the colour of Krishna unhappiness passion, stop HEBREW: JUDAISM: EASTERN: holiness merchants Christmas (with red) funerals ABORIGINALS: sacrifice, sin JAPAN: CHRISTIAN: BUDDHISM: colour of the people, Christ's colour wisdom ceremonial ochre life MIDDLE EAST: protection WORLDWIDE: CHRISTIAN: sacrifice, passion, love 'safe' colour 6 COLOUR TIPS FOR WEB DESIGN TIP 1: Remember the TIP 2: Don't get TIP 3: Use white TIP 4: Be careful TIP 5: Emphasise TIP 6: Make sure carried away with your colours fit the mood importance of space wisely when using light texts on dark backgrounds important items with bold colours contrast colour BK basekit ARROGANCE PINK TERTIARY ROYALTY DIGNITY WITUALITY GENTLENESS CALMNESS GREEN SECONDARY WISDOM FEMININITY LOVE HAPPINESS HONOUR PRIMARY RED EXCITEMENT VITALITY ENERGY WARMTH VIBRANCY PRIMARY YELLOW STABILITY TERTIARY BROWN

The Psychology of Colour

shared by basekit on May 31
Our Psychology of Colour infographic explores the significance of colour - from the meaning of colour in cultures to colours in web design.


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