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Walk in Our Shoes

WALK IN OUR SHOES Here are some Some Faiths have really strict guidelines about gender roles. Gender nonconforming people may or may not Feel safe or accepted. On the other hand, some religions are now voicing in their mission that they accept all beings. interesting facts and survey responses to help you continue your gender thought experiment. Remembering our Dead... Generally, suicide rates among transfolks are higher than in overall population (41% vs. 1,6%).5 In 2010 there were at least six confirmed cases of suicide in the US because the teens were bullied at their schools and not accepted For who they were." That Fact was a leading reason why It's A BOYGIRL Children assert their gender identities by the time they begin to talk, Depending on where you live, access to medical services can be tricky. More than half of North America's transgender population lives with unmet health needs DOctors this book was written. search the web for "transgender day of remembrance" for an annual memorial service near you. Releionahips "I am blessed to share a home and a blissful romantic life with my best Friend, closest ally and Fiercest lover. Together we are redefining life, love and community For ourselves and those around us." Krista RIP tg Self- DiRevely PSychologyalways use the Family "CI had) medication or Unisex bathroom to avoid any problems with picking which restroom to go in to and in some states it helps me not break the law. anxiety shame about being trans"- survey LEgal Concerns FAMil Jail- 1f is still illegal LUD to crossdress in some places in North America PULlic "It has taken all I have to transition Seaco and to love myself. It can be expensive and time consuming trans* Folks to make sure their names and gender markers are correct on all documents. he Gender nonconforming kids with Jobs Self - Acceptance accepting parents are 52% less likely to suffer depression and 53% less likely to attempt suicide," Assum Ption Alley "People assuma that if I say I am a trans woman, then that means I am like the drag queens they see on TV" In one study, transgender people were four times more likely to report incomes at or below the poverty level, despite having levels of education significantly higher than the general population." but sometimes if I have to explain myself one more time to another person I don't think will leave my house" Soei al Aceptance -Kokomo "Anyone that is Aransgender. I would want to be your friend. because those are people who have really had to deal with life each step of the way and are very transformed in their thịnking" -Scott -Survey Cecoing Out School Eclf-Astuaizatio Coming out arelationships and with honesty, or put dhem in danger where there is misunderstanding. Arengtherust When kids get bullied, it's Qusually because they are not meeting some gender norm 28 START!

Walk in Our Shoes

shared by rowdyferretdesign on Feb 10
An infographic drawn for the GENDER book. This page explores how people of diverse gender identities experience various areas of life.


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