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Value of a Dad

How Much is a Dad Worth? According to new research by, Mums believe that Dads do only 15 hours of chores a week. So below we attempt to establish Dad's true worth in the home. Dad's Worth in Numbers We counted how many hours Dads spend on chores and then worked out their financial value. Dad spends 50 HOURS £21,306 a week on chores + childcare annual financial value of Dad's work at home £410 £172 is the weekly value of the childcare Dad performs is his weekly financial worth at home Dad's Worth By The Hour Here's a breakdown of what Dad's time looks like over the course of a week. 20 HOURS Spending Time With Children 5.5 HOURS Cooking / Preparing Meals Tidying Up 4.5 HOURS Shopping 3.5 HOURS Driving to Activities 3 HOURS 3 HOURS Other Household Tasks 3 HOORS Washing up / Dishwasher 2.5 HORS Cleaning / Vacuuming Gardening 2.5 HOURS 2.5 HOURS Washing / Ironing Clothes Dad's Worth By Region The value of Dad's household work in Wales is £27,300. This is 28% more than the national average. Scotland £19,344 North West North East £ 21,320 £ 23,296 West Midlands Yorks & Humber £ 22,568 £ 20,904 Wales East Midlands £27,300 £ 18,252 South East East Anglia £ 19,864 £ 20,644 South West London £ 20,592 £ 19,656 Most Household Work Least Household Work Dad's True Worth Of course Dad's true worth can't be measured in terms of time or money. So it's worth keeping the following in mind: Quality time Dad gets to spend with partner: Time Dad gets to himself: 3.5 HOURS 8 HOURS The Power of Insurance Average UK male earnings are around £29,000 a year, and most Dads are their family's main breadwinner - so insurance is essential in case they die or are forced off work by illness or injury. And the value of non-working parents means they should £29.000 have insurance too. Dad's value is often underappreciated in the home. Only 64% of Dads said that they felt appreciated by their kids, so why don't you show him how much you really care. Sources Office for National Statistics Legal and General - Value of a Parent 2011 Research These figures are calculated using the number of hours spent on household chores and childcare multiplied by Office of National Statistic (ONS) data on average hourly pay rates for equivalent job roles. Sourced and MoneySupermarket com TM produced by

Value of a Dad

shared by Moneysupermarket on Jul 18
How valuable are our dads? Our father do so much for us but if you had to put a value on the work they do, how much would they be worth?


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