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The Rise of Street Art

ATREET ART FROM THe ATREETA TO THe ALCTION HALL Street art in modern culture has existed in various forms for decades. It has taken the shape of territorial graffiti, community art projects and sanctioned pieces by famous street artists. There are many different terms for the various types of street art, but they are all brought together by the nature of their exhibitionism. It is art for everyone, and thusly, the capacity to send a message is huge. ANCIENT & MODERN GRARFITI CORN BREAD MODERN GRAFFITI MDTOLATE 960 TODAY) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1960s was where and when modern graffiti began. It was a way for political activists to make statements and for street gangs to mark territory. The two biggest names from the start of modern graffiti are CORNBREAD and COOL EARL. C.L.L. IV 9226 ANCIENT GRAFFITI frRANK 207 (AT LEAST AS EARLY AS 79AD) Ancient Greeks and Roman's etched their names and messages on clay pots, buildings, etc. Many examples of ancient graffiti still survive today: Making their mark, 1970s Graffiti was huge in the newly-burgeoning NYC sub-culture. The subway unified and connected different writers from their own sections of the huge city. Big names in the NYC graffiti scene were JULIO 204 and FRANK 207. The scene sparked graffiti SATURA WAS HERE ON SEPTEMBER 3RD MARCUS LOVES SPENDLISA IF ANYONE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN VENIS, THEY SHOULD GAZE AT MY GIRL FRIEND GRARFITI GLODARY Graffiti was and is a sub-culture as well as an art form. And, as such, there are rich and interesting customs as well as a distinct vernacular. AxceL An angel is a respected graffiti artist that has died. Admirers of the departed artist tag their names with halos above them on walls. BLACK BOOK OR Piece BooK BURNER This is a graffiti artist/street artist's sketchbook, and it's used to plan out potential graffiti - as other artists' tags. This is an artist's most prized possession and it is guarded from the police, who may be able to use it to connect them with vandalism cases. Burners are huge, elaborate pieces of graffiti or street art. They're called burners because they are said to burn out of the surface they're painted on. They well as to collect are often orten legally pieces, because they take so sanctioned long to create. Many of Banksy's, Pure Evil's, D*Face's, Nick Walker's and Adam Neate's famous pieces could be considered burners. DRIPA CLOUD This is a classic form that was used in the early days of subway car painting in New York. The cloud is the background of the tag and it serves to give a more interesting visual contrast than the cart by itself. It also allows the design to cover much more Drips can be stylised on letters, adding an even more intricate effect. However, unintentional drips are considered to be a massive failure by new writers, or 'toys', as they are jokingly referred to. space. STREET ART'S OTHER INFLUENCES There is so much more to street art than graffiti. It draws its influences from a host of modern art forms, such as: SURREALISM POP ART Arte povera warhols kids stencil POLITICAL PROPAGANDISTS PUNK film stars SLOGANS portraiture AND MODERN PRINTMAKING THE BANKSY EFFECT The Financial Value of Street Art As with anything in the art world, as an artist's fame grows the value of their artwork grows alongside it. And there is no street artist more valuable than Banksy – which is staggeringly ironic, as the clandestine, sociopolitical commentator is famous for speaking ou against capitalism. This ironic twist goes a step further, as the commercialisation of street art is actually referred to as 'The Banksy Effect'. NICK WALKER S |MOONA LISA SOLD FOR £54,000 ADAM NEATE S SUICIDE BOMBER SOLD FOR £78,500 IN 2007 BANKSYS SPACE GIRL AND BIRD SOLD FOR £288,000 STEALING BANKSY Stealing Banksy was an experiment claiming to be using specialist equipment to remove Banksy art from walls, restore them and sell them. Ultimately, the whole thing was eliciting a response, determining if London had need of a street art museum. Turns out it did. The museum charges £17.50 for each admission and it is open to the public. Profits from the project go to local charities. The experts at Stealing Banksy have valued each of the pieces. NO BALL GAMES LOCATION TOTTENHAM LONDON ESTIMATED SALE PRICE £500,000 OLD skool OLDSKOOL LOCATION CLERIKENWELL LONDON ESTIMATED SALE PRICE £350,000 GIRL WITH BALLOON LOCATION HACKNEY LONDON ESTIMATED SALE PRICE £450,000 SECURED LOCATION LIVERIPOOL ESTIMATED SALE PRICE £100,000 SECURED LIVERPOOL RAT LOCATION LIVERIPOOL ESTIMATED SALE PRICE £250,000 AFTER A RESTORATION COSTING 60000 WE EXPECT THE VALUE TO RAISE TO £400,000 IE WHI STREET ART IS GOOD FOR THE UK ECONOMY The Heritage Lottery Fund made a report quantifying the value of British culture to the economy. The Banksy Exhibition was included in this report, as it accounted for 50,000 bed spaces in hotels and guest houses. So whether it is valuable for its artistic merit, its political message or its contribution to the economy, street art is most certainly valuable, and like all art movements, it will likely evolve even more over time. 50K- 50K Sources:

The Rise of Street Art

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An infographic depicting the rise of street art. The design looks at the history of ancient and modern graffiti art forms, highlights a glossary of graffiti terms, street art influences, the Banksy ef...


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