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Remember Remember 5th of November

REMEMBER E TH EXPLOSIVE FACTS & TIPS NOVEMBER DID YOU KNOW? 2011 80 60 100 40 120 MPH 140 36 THE FIRST TIME FIREWORKS 160 = WERE ALLOWED IN mph 150 WESTMINSTER SINCE THE GUNPOWDER PLOT BARRELS OF GUNPOWDER THE SPEED A ROCKET CAN REACH WERE USED IN THE GUNPOWDER PLOT metres 200 THE HEIGHT THAT 45% A FIREWORK SHELL CAN REACH 2000C THAT'S THE HEIGHT OF 40 GIRAFFES! OF FIREWORK INJURIES OCCUR AT FAMILY OR THE TEMPERATURE OF A SPARKLER FIVE TIMES HOTTER THAN COOKING OIL PRIVATE PARTIES 333 1:00am £70 million THE TIME BALOTELLI HAD TO ESCAPE HIS BURNING HOUSE AFTER LETTING OFF THE AMOUNT BRITS SPEND ON FIREWORKS EACH YEAR FIREWORKS IN HIS BATHROOM THE FIREWORK CODE LEWES, EAST SUSSEX The Bonfire capital of the world hosts a flaming parade BEST DISPLAYS OTTERY ST MARY, DEVON ONLY BUY FIREWORKS MARKED BS 7114 DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL IF SETTING OFF FIREWORKS KEEP ALL FIREWORKS IN A CLOSED FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON EACH Locals parade burning barrels of tar around town EDENBRIDGE, KENT BO X FREWORK Celebrations include burning a 30ft celebrity LIGHT THEM : STAND NEVER EVER NEVER THROW ROUNDHAY PARK LEEDS AT ARM'S GO NEAR A FIREWORK THAT FIREWORKS OR WELL EA TAPER BACK . HAS BEEN LIT OUR POCKET Spectacular fireworks attract 70,000 people BEST Alexandra Palace, London • Glasgow Green, Scotland • Platt Fields Park, Manchester OF THE Pype Hayes Park, Birmingham • Sefton Park, Liverpool • Walker Park, Newcastle DON'T LET OFF NOISY SUPERVISE 10 CHILDREN FIREWORKS AFTER 11PM REST TO FIND A BONFIRE NIGHT EVENT NEAR YOU CHECK OUT YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL WEBSITE & KEEP PETS INDOORS SPARKLER RULES THE MOST COMMON INJURIES: Always wear gloves Only hold one at a time Hold at arm's length When it goes out don't touch it. EYES HANDS FACE around 000 HEAD PEOPLE ARE INJURED BY FIREWORKS EVERY YEAR IN GREAT BRITAIN OTHER EYE INJURIES Do not rub the eye or apply any ointments BE A ROLE MODEL Gently separate eyelids with your finger and thumb, look for any embedded object If you see object on white of the eye, wash with clean water (eyewash if you have one) First aid from inner corner out Everyone at Army Cadet Force loves to get outdoors and have fun. And there's no better time to do that than on bonfire night. But it pays to be prepared. So if you'd like to know more about First Aid or volunteering with the ACF get in touch at tips If unsuccessful get medical help. BURNS Immediately move the person away from the heat source Cool the burn with cool or lukewarm water for 10-30 mins Do not use ice, iced water, creams or greasy substances like butter Remove any clothing or jewellery that is near the burnt area, but do not move anything that is stuck to the skin f /Armycadetforce @ArmyCadetsUK Make sure the person keeps warm ARMY CADET FORCE MAKI: YOUR MARK Cover the burn with cling film. SOURCES NHS theguardian BIS #RoleModelACF

Remember Remember 5th of November

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Explosive facts and tips relating to Bonfire Night and fireworks. Encourages safety measures to be carried out during celebrations by both parents and youths #RoleModelACF


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