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4th of July Firework Facts

4TH OF JULY FIREWORK FACTS FROM THE BEGINNING In a letter to his wife Abigail dated July 3, 1776, John Adams envisioned fireworks, bells, and bonfires as part of the celebration of America's forthcoming independence. The first commemorative Independence Day firework show was in Philadelphia on July 4, 1777. TYPES OF AERIAL FIREWORKS From backyard artillery shells to professional displays. PEONY CHRYSANTHEMUM The most basic, spherical, flower-like effect. The stars explode as it expands, but do not leave a trail. Similar to a peony, but the stars do leave a trail, adding more depth and volume to the display. WILLOW CROSSETTE A string of several large stars Like a chrysanthemum, but the stars trail towards the ground rather than bursting into a sphere. burst in different directions and break into smaller stars, creating crisscross patterns. MINE CAKE Also known as a repeater, a cake display features a string of individual shots that intertwine as they go off. An aerial version of a fountain with a vibrant burst of stars that expands from the launch point. COLORFUL CHEMISTRY COPPER CALCIUM BARUIM SODIUM STRONTIUM MIX OF COPPER, STRONTIUM POSTASSIUM, & RUBIDIUM MOST DANGEROUS FIREWORKS SPARKLERS BOTTLE ROCKETS Some of the most common firework- related injuries are burns from sparklers, which can heat to over 1,800 degrees. Easy to ricochet at speeds in excess of 200 mph and could land in unintended places, like roofs and gutters. CHERRY BOMBS HOMEMADE Banned by the federal Child Safety Act of 1966, you now need a license from the ATF to posses or Each year thousands of people are injured attempting to set off homemade fireworks. Leave it to the professionals! manufacture them. BANNED OUTRIGHT All consumer fireworks are illegal in 4 states: DELAWARE, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK All of which, ironically, are part of the original 13 colonies. BY THE NUMBERS $600 MILLION On average, consumers spend about $600 million per year on fireworks for the 4th of July. 14,000 40,000 The number of local public shows that will light up skies across the country. Total shells used in Macy's firework show in New York City, which attracts over 2 million attendees. PIONEER P SERVICES SOURCES:,,, Division MidCountry Bank

4th of July Firework Facts

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Fireworks are part of American culture and have been since the beginning. We celebrate with both modest backyard fireworks and extravagant, professional displays. To celebrate our nation’s independe...


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