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The Psychology of Color

the Psychology of Color what colors to paint your home & why. Girl's Room Pink: Calming, Warm. Office Bedroom Blue: Most productive color. Green: Tranquility and Health. Living Room Dining Room Lavender: Calms the nerves, Red: Encourages Appetite. Kitchen allows relaxation. Yellow: Increases metabolism brightens room, gives you energy. Color PRIMARY COLORS: Psychology YELLOW • Cheerful or warm • Most likely to strain eyes or cause eye fatigue • Makes Babies Cry Don't paint a baby's room yellow, because they are more prone to crying. RED • Evokes strong emotions • Encourages appetite (many restaurants use red in their signage/ads) BLUE • The color most preferred by men • Calmness or serenity • Most used color for offices • Passion or intensity • Red roses symbolize love Studies show that red can make you do poorly on exams! "Red is hypothesized to impair performance on achievement tasks, because People are more productive in blue rooms • Curbs appetite Associated with water and peace red is associated with the danger of failure in achievement contexts and evokes avoidance motivation." • Health • Tranquility • Money • Nature • Royalty • Wealth • Success • Wisdom • Calming • Love • Romance "drunk tank pink" is a color use in prisons to initially calm inmates. Workers in green Many kings wore purple robes. environments have fewer stomach aches. GREEN PURPLE PINK • Excitement • Enthusiasm • Warmth • Caution PURPLE ! PINK • Purity • Innocence • Empty • Spacious • Reliability • Boredom • Practicality • Earth Also used to draw attention: Signage Great for creating the illusion of space. ORANGE WHITE ORANGE WHITE BROWN BROWN GREEN ACCENT COLORS • Evil • Death • Mourning • Slimming BLACK COLORS Ancient Egyptians believed that it symbol- ized life and rebirth BLACK IN ADVERTISING BLUE is often used in corporate business because it is productive and not invasive GREEN has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred color choice for wedding gowns in the 15th-century. SILVER Forbes at&t Even today, green M & M's (an American chocolate candy) are LAVENDER Many restaurants use red to stimulate appetite: • McDonalds • Pizza Hut • KFC • Wendy's • Popeye's said to send a sexual message. BLUE S. GREEN W. BLACK WHITE RED GOLD PINK BLACK WHITE SILVER GOLD LAVENDER PINK WHITE Often used for luxury items, to enhance the feeling of sophistication. More feminine helps to target audience very quickly and is clean and calming CHANEL PRADA MICHAEL KORS National Breast Cancer Foundation VICTORIA'S SECRET Sources: Presented by CertaPro Painters * * * * * |E developed by NOWSOURCING.COM

The Psychology of Color

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 19
A look into the truth behind color and how we subconsciously react to it. Also, shared tips on decorating with these shades and why certain palettes used in advertisements draw you in.


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