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Color ROI: It's All About Psychology

COLOR ROT Your Guide to the Psychology of Colors in Marketing 1234567890890- Çolor Harmonies THE COLOR WHEEL- is the starting point for planning a color scheme in business, sales and marketing campaigns. COMPLEMENTARY COLORS Primary are opposite each other on the color wheel. The contrast Tertiary Tertiary between these colors catches attention! Secondary Secondary ANALOGOUS COLORS are grouped together on the color wheel and are a complementary colors primary color and its various shades. Analogous color schemes are pleasing to the eye! Tertiary Tertiary triadic color scheme Primary Primary TRIADIC COLORS three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel. Triadic color schemes are vibrant! Tertiary Tertiary Secondary analogous color scheme Some Basics of Color and Marketing 92.6% 80% GO FOR SIGHT Influence of of what we 5.6% the Senses GO FOR FEEL on Consumer Purchasing assimilate through our .9% senses is visual. GO FOR SOUND For the first 100 years of modern branding, you could not trademark a color. But all that changed-thanks to insulation. :1987. ..... Owens-Corning made legal history when it became the first company to trademark a single color: pink. They proved to the courts that their insulation was clearly identified as pink. They spent over $50 million dollars marketing it. Influence of Color on Shopping BRAND RECOGNITION MORE THAN ADS IN COLOR ARE READ INCREASES BY 50% 42% 80% of buyers say color is an important factor. more than the same ads in black and white. when color is incorporated into it. Using Color for kids 1. Identify your target market. 2. Use primary colors. These colors will attract the child, but the parents or grandparents open the wallet! 3. For marketing material being read by the grand/parents- reds, blues, pinks and yellows indicate trust, reliability, security, and playfulness. Color Preferences U.S. preferences General Preferences Grey 2% White 2% Brown 3% Black 0% 0% Yay blue! Sorry, orange. Blue 1% Yellow 3% Orange 5% Black 7% Red White 4% Green 4% Gray 12% Yellow 13% Purple 13% Brown 23% Orange 30% Red Purple 14% Green 14% Blue 42% Favorite Color Least Favorite Color Preferences by Gender Purple 0% Yellow 1% Brown 2% White 2% Gray 3% Orange 5% 7% Grey 1% White 1% Brown 34 Yellow 34 Orange 5% Black 6% Red Black g% Green 14% Blue 57% Red Green 14 Purple 23% Blue 35% Men's Favorite Color Women's Favorite Color Black 1% 1% Blue 2% Red Black 0% 0% Blue Red 0% White 5% Green 5% Gray 5% Yellow 13% Purple 22% Orange 22% Brown 27% White 3% Green 6% Purple 8% Yellow 13% Gray 17% Brown 20% Orange 33% Men's Least Favorite Women's Least Favorite Color Associations Emotions evoked by a color are based more on personal experiences than on what we're told/ they're meant to represent. THE COLOR RED FIRE CHIEF might remind one person of Christmas (positive), while it makes another person think of the firemen on the day their house burned down (negatlve). RED ORANGE YELLOW energy, war, danger, strength, rage, vigor, power, determination, excitement, fascination, happiness, creativity, joy, sickness, spontaneity, happiness, intellect, freshness, joy, instability, and passion, desire, and love summer, success, encouragement, and stimulation energy PURPLE GREEN growth, harmony, healing, safety, nature, greed, jealousy, cowardice, hope, inexperience, peace, protection BLUE PINK stability, depression, nature, tranquility, softness, depth, wisdom, intelligence royalty, luxury, extravagance, dignity, magic, wealth, mystery love, romance, friendship, passiveness, nostalgia, sexuality BROWN WHITE purity, faith, innocence, GRAY BLACK harvest, wood, chocolate, dependability, simplicity, relaxation, the outdoors, filth, disease, disgust cleanliness, safety, medicine, beginnings, dreariness, Igloom, neutrality, solemnity, death, fear, evil, mystery, power, elegance, the unknown, decisions elegance, grief, tragedy, prestige snow Do the associations above correspond with the products and services of the companies below? Logos by Color Why is Facebook blue? Because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind. Blue is the color Mark can see the best. RED Coca-Cola NETFLIX LEGO Kellog's TARGET. ORANGE HOOTERS HOME SMOTOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON SYCLES THE NICKELODEON YELLOW BEST BUY Sprint SUBWAY A GREEN bp AH PLANET JOHN DEERE H&R BLOCK BLUE LOWE'S Walmart Save money. Live better. at&t PURPLE FedEx. Cadbury TACO BELL YAHOO! PINK BROWN DUNKIN' DONUTS. Barbie ups BLACK NIKE CARTOON NETWORK PUMA. The New York Times pum a. com Brought to you by Sources ·......... ....*****.... DEPOT

Color ROI: It's All About Psychology

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Color can greatly impact a person's mood and willingness to take interest in a product or service. Take a look at how color has been used by companies to build a unique brand that practically all of u...


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