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The Perfect Figure

The Perfect Figure Delicate Details of a Sexy Structure 1904 French Means Fashionable Brassiere is a Norman French word for "a child's under- vest, or woman's bodice." DeBevoise & G.M. Poix (early 20th century bra manufacturers) labeled their lightly boned camisoles brassieres. Though both were American rth, they shared great pride in their French heritage. The shortened, informal term bra became popularized by female college students in the 1930s. Sizing Procedure A Flawless Fit Difference Cup Size 1. Using a tape measure, 0" AA Popular in America and Britain, the Imperial Sizing System's base unit is the inch. Sizes are expressed as a band size (even number) and a cup size (letter). For example: measure underbust in inches 1" 2" B First use of brassiere in 2. Underbust + 5 inches = Band Size 3" DeBevoise ad (1904) 3. Measure Bust Line inches 4" D 34C_ Band Size I161 Female Conspired, Underwired 4. Bust Line – Band Size = Cup Size 5" DD Cup Size March 31, 1931. FIGL First patented in 1911 by Madeleine Gabeau, under- wired bras were originally exclusive to the rich. Thanks to Helene Pons' 1931 patent, they became commercially producible in the 1930s. Often, manufacturers recycled the steel boning from obsolete corsets. When shortages hit during WWII, women temporarily went wireless. FIG2 Aste Ansentos HELENE PON y kev altorney Corper, w rluken Pons' underwire bra (1931) Bust Line 1928 Warner's The measurement derived from fullest part of bust Standardized & Alphabetized ABC ALPHABET BRAS Band Size Intending to universally quantify breast fullness, Maid- enform founder, Ida Rosenthal, introduces the concept of standardized cup sizing in 1928. In 1932, S.H. Camp and Co. developed alphabetical cup sizing system, the basis of modern cup sizing. Originally marketed as: Number achieved from the addition of 5 inches to Under- bust Line measurement A cup = Youthful B cup = Average C cup = Large D cup = Heavy Alphabetical sizing catches on (1937 Warnaco ad) Underbust Line The measurement derived 1930 from underneath the bust lycra spandex polyester nyralon nylon Fine, Strapping Young Patents Mary Bollwine's 1930 adjustable bra strap patent revo- lutionized bra fitting in conjunction with the 2 way stretch qualities of Lastex fabric. Of the 1,230 U.S. bra patents awarded between 1893 and 1969, approxi- mately 50% of the patents were authored by women. What is She Wearing? neoprene lastex acetate Seeking to synthesize a 2nd skin, both durable and beautiful, fabrics have modeled the shapes, sales, advertising, and manufacturing process of bras more than any other influence. rayon rubber WWII Embargo silk cotton Elvira Campa McKeere 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 adjustable uplift bra

The Perfect Figure

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Understanding bra sizes is a confusing feat that is often not mastered even in a lifetime. This infographic helps to explain how bra sizes are measured and what exactly the numbers and letters in the...


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