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How much do your boobs weigh?

How much do your boobs weigh? Natural Cup size Implants 33 & 1/2 Blue Tits 43 & 1/2 Blue Tits 8/9ths of a Hooter 1 & 3/9ths of a Hooter 2/7th of a Coconut 3/7th of a Coconut DD 6/9ths of a Watermelon 7/9ths of a Watermelon The boob file 63% of women want bigger boobs Both men and women agree that a C cup is the ideal size The National average bra size is 34D 75% of people believe they could tell whethera woman had natural breasts or implants UK average bra size 1 Liverpool 2 Edinburgh 3 Manchester 4 Leeds 34DD 36D 36D 36D 5 Swansea 36D 6 Brighton 7 Bristol 8 Coventry 9 Belfast 10 Sheffield 11 Birmingham 12 Cambridge 13 Newcastle 14 Leicester 15 Glasgow 34D 34D 34D 32D 36C 36C 34C 34C 34C 32C 16 Cardiff 34B 17 London 18 Plymouth 19 Southampton 34B 20 Aberdeen 34B 34B 32A what do you call boobs? Gumpings baby feeder nuns dairy pillows baps knockers melons Cosmetic Surgery Guru Everyming you need to know about Gosmetic Surgery Transform Cosmetic surgery - Breasts of Britain Campain 2010 Quppies nbags hooters boobles bazooke milk bombs balloons

How much do your boobs weigh?

shared by edbeardsell on Feb 06
The Cosmetic Surgery Guru presents her look at the world of boobs. Ever wondered how much your boobs weigh? The same as two coconuts or half a watermelon perhaps? Well now's your chance to find out as...


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