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How Technology Has Changed Raising Children

pishposh BABY presents how technology has changed raising children Soothing your baby then now A Pacifier is perfect for those times you don't have 30 minutes to prepare a bottle or you're away from home. Angel Movement and Sound Monitor detects if your baby has not moved for more than 20 seconds - does detect breathing. mamaRoo Bouncy Chair Rocking Chair Rock your baby's problems away with a sturdy rocking chair. A gentle rocking motion will help junior forget all about what he was upset about. the mamaRoo offers several programmed rocking patterns that its manufac- turer, 4Moms, says emulate the rhythms of real parents. The seat also plays several soothing sounds, and doubles as a dock for your digital music player. White Noise Machine (iPhone app by tmsoft): "To help baby sleep more soundly, there is a White Noise application. It allows your iPhone to recreate a long list of soothing sounds. The ones most helpful for new parents are probably cars, heartbeat, hair dryer, vacuum and washer." - Lisa Belkin, Baby Bottle Who ever thought feeding your child would be as easy as: boiling water, mixing formula, and letting it cool? High Tech Babies even before baby is born Keep track of your pregnancy calendar Designed by an OB/GYN, iPregnancy 3.01 is an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you plan and prepare for your new baby. The app features a due date calculator and countdown, 3-D ultrasound images, name picker, OB appointment tracker, and even a weight gain analysis feature! You can inte- grate iPregnancy with Facebook and Twitter to keep friends and family abreast, too! Help your baby love music Bellybuds" Bellyphones are wearable speakers that adhere to your belly so your baby can enjoy music in-utero. The easy-to-use Bellyphones" can be worn while exercising, working, shopping, relax- ing and more! Strengthen the bond between you and your developing baby with music or even recordings of Mom's and Dad's voices. Capture the soothing voices of loved ones Babies in-utero are comforted by the sound of mom's heartbeat. Later, they're comforted by the voices those they love. The VoiceQuilt MP3 is a uniquely personal gift, filled with spoken greetings, memories, and tributes from friends and family that will become a treasured keepsake for the entire family. Moms of the Future HAVE LESS TIME study by Baby Einstein Nearly eight in ten moms with children under the age of two say that their daily tasks take them away from spending quality time with their babies. Doing the things| they want to do This time is open for fun, quality | Wish they had more time to focus on their child. 79 Moms are struggling to divide their day between tasks and little ones. time with their children, 91 PERCENT PERCENT Doing the things| they have to do Educational Toys Did you know? Educational toys help a child achieve the following: • Physical skills • Cognitive thinking • Language skills · Emotional well-being • Social skills for more info There is a baby named "Facebook." on educational toys: BrightTots Egypt's Jamal Ibrahim has named his newborn daughter Facebook Jamal Ibrahim, a tribute to the role the social network played in helping organize the demonstrations leading to Hosni Mubarak resigning from the presidency he'd held for 30 years. .com You can choose your child's sex. Over the last decade, the reasons for using embryo screenings have grown. It's now used frequently to help women who suffer recurrent miscarriage. And, it's also used to screen out embryos that carry genes for diseases they may never get -- like breast or colon cancer. But these days, it's being used for something very different - to help couples choose the sex of their child. And for the man who pioneered the procedure, the new direction the technology is taking is disturbing. Future Babies Babies are getting so high tech, they may just come out cordless! You can bullet-proof your baby's stroller. Check out the footage and decide for yourself if this ís the sort of thing you'need to get for your baby. For more information, visit us online http://en.wikipedia.crg/wiki/3D_ultrasound gadgets gizmos pishposh developed by BABY .com шR

How Technology Has Changed Raising Children

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There may be nothing more blissful than becoming a mom. Whether it is your first or fifth time at the rodeo, it is always an interesting and wonderful journey. These days the journey is far easier wit...



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