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Plagiocephaly and Repositioning (Flat Head Syndrome)

AN INTRODUCTION TO PLAGIOCEPHALY REPOSITIONING from TECHNOLOGY IN MOTION WHAT IS Plagiocephaly is the word that is used to describe an asymmetry of the head shape. This word particularly describes a flattening which is to one side of an infant's head, usually the back but it can also occur at the front of the head or face as a secondary issue. PLAGIOCEPHALY & BRACHYCEPHALY? Brachycephaly is the word used to describe a wider than normal head shape with a flattening across the back of the head. We usually see a combination of Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly with a wide head shape which is flattened to one side. Scaphocephaly is the word used to describe the condition where the head is disproportionately long and narrow. Normocephalic Plagiocephaly Brachycephaly Scaphocephaly % of Boys & Girls THE FACTS PERCENTAGE OF BABIES WITH FLAT HEAD SYNDROME? Hutchison identified 4% with severe head shape deformities at age 4. Technology in Motion has developed TIMband, a unique treatment and management system to resolve plagiocephaly or 'flat head syndrome'. TIMband is a lightweight helmet, that allows the gradual movement and reshaping of the head bones during growth to return the head to a more normal shape. That's TIN 25 - That's WHAT IS THE IDEAL AGE FOR TREATMENT? IDEAL AGE TO START TREATMENT O MONTHS 4 MONTHS 7 MONTHS 14 MONTHS Ideal Age for Repositioning techniques are the preferred treatment option at 0-4 months Can start treatment anywhere up to 14 months. Too old for repositioning techniques. using achieve fantastic results still. treatment. Treatment with T─░Mband. TiMband. Can Repositioning has limited After 18 month TiMband will be Sucess ineffective for treatment. WHAT IS THE SUCCESS RATE? HOW LONG DOES TREATMENT LAST? USUALLY BETWEEN: 100% TO MONTHS MONTHS How can you spot the signs? Ear and cheek pushed forward on Flattening to one side or the back of the head. High at back of head Brow pushed forward on flatter side. flatter side. (Particularly in brachycephaly) Flat right across or to one side of the back of the head. Parents notice that their baby has an unusual head shape at about 8 weeks of age. The usual advice from the NHS is that it will correct itself naturally and that it is just cosmetic. However this is not our experience and many parents come to us for advice when they find that the head shape is not correcting as predicted. HOW CAN REPOSITIONING WE TREAT PLAGIOCEPHALY? TECHNIQUES PLAYTIME IS TUMMY TIME If your baby is under four months of age, and you notice a flattening starting to develop, then you should start to reposition to take pressure away from the flattened area as soon as you notice it. Relieve pressure on the flattened part of the head for as much time as possible, allowing it to naturally return to a more normal shape. As a baby reaches the age of five months this becomes more difficult as they are now beginning to reposition and roll independently. If repositioning becomes ineffective, it's time for TiMband ABOUT THE TIMband What the helmet is made from TiMband Semi soft closed cell foam liner Polythene copolymer shell As the head grows, the TiMband helmet gently corrects the position and shape of the head bones ensuring a safe, gentle and permanent correction. TIMband is custom made for your baby usinga photographic scan which accurately takes all information needed. Our scanner is safe and quick. We then supply you with a USB containing visual and statistical data for verification at end of treatment. ABOUT TECHNOLOGY IN MOTION Technology in Motion was established in 1993 to provide expertise in the supply of high quality orthopaedic braces and supports for all injuries and conditions under the guidance of qualified registered clinicians. advancement our one aim is to 'Improve People's Lives' by being the best at what we do. Technology in Motion chooses and provides only the most appropriate and best products for our patients and customers. In July 2011 the Company once again became an independent, based in Leeds offering the full range With increased demand for this specialist service, Technology in Motion has expanded its operational facilities with the opening of centres across the UK and Ireland, of braces and supports to help our customers to regain or extend their independence. Committed to innovation and technological TECHNOLOGY┬░ IN MOTION Scan this code to visit our website FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT wwW.TECHNOLOGYINMOTION.COM INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY FUTURE ARTS FUTURE ARTS wwW.FUTUREARTS.CO.UK

Plagiocephaly and Repositioning (Flat Head Syndrome)

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Infographic on plagiocephaly and repositioning techniques. Different types of flat head syndrome.Gender distribution. Frequency of flat head syndrome. Ideal age for treatment. Treatment duration. S...


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