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How to escape your office job

A step by step gvide to escape office life START HERE Feeling like there's something missing in your life? Office Escapee A step by step guide to escape office life Overweight? Tired? Stressed? Always too busy to enjoy life? Get back to the real YOU That was me to0, until I did these steps: Are you making the most of your life? .. OK I NOW FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! LOOSE EXCESS WEIGHT HEALTHILY GAIN TONS OF ENERGY TO DO MORE WITH MY LIFE SO WHAT OTHER AMAZING THINGS CAN I DO NOW? WHY NOT PLAY THE SPORTS I USED TO LOVE GET FITTER AND MEET PEOPLE? WOW, I'M GETTING SO MUCH MORE OUT OF LIFE ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. BUT I STILL DON'T LIKE MY JOB! Do you feel like a small cog in a big wheel at WORK? ו" ךררח* SHOULD I NOT BE ENJOYING MY LIFE ON MORE THAN JUST THE WEEKENDS! TIME FOR A RELAXING HOLIDAY TO REFLECT ON THINGS. WHAT IF I FOUND SOMETHING I ENJOY DOING AND GOT PAID FOR IT? PERHAPS I WON'T EARN AS MUCH, BUT IF I MAKE SOME CHANGES, MAYBE THAT DOES NOT MATTER OK, FIRST THINGS FIRST, I NEED TO CREATE MORE TIME IN MY LIFE TO (REJDISCOVER MY PASSIONS It sometimes does not feel like it but we all have the same amount of TIME! Did you know, you will probably spend 10/24 hours, 5/7 days, 47/52 weeks and c.40/c.80 years WORKING and COMMUTING! What's your work/ life balance life? Is work squeezing the life out of yoU Feeling like a ticking time bomb at work? WE SPEND ABOUT 40 YEARS WORKING 5/7 DAYS. UNTIL WE'RE OLD AND WRINKLY BETTER MAKE SURE WE ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING AND MAKING THE MOST OF LIFE! BUT HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR PASSION? THE WORK THAT WILL PAY YOU FOR BEING HAPPY DAILY? How nice would it be to get up everyday knowing you will do what you love doing? OK, SO YOU NOW HAVE: It may take months of planning.. THERE'LL BE PRE-RESIGNATION NERVES BUT REMEMBER: YOU'RE DOING THE RIGHT THING 1) FOUND YOUR PASSION 2) LOTS OF ENERGY 3) CREATED TIME 4) A FUN LIFE .. and work 23 12 58 49 DAYS MINS SECS .. but it's worth it! READY?. BUT HOW DO I ACTUALLY RESIGN? IT WILL TAKE TIME/ LEARNING/SACRIFICES, BUT THINK OF THE END GOAL: NOW IT'S TIME TO PLAN YOUR EXIT FROM YOUR JOB A HAPPIER LIFE! NOW TIME FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! WELCOME OFFICE ESCAPEE! OFFICE ESCAPEE 2012 WWW.OFFICEESCAPEE.COM

How to escape your office job

shared by patarcher on Aug 21
Step by step guide to help you re assess your life and find your passion... stop working 9-5 in a job you don't like and do something you love daily. Guide created based on personal experimentation t...


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