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How are you more likely to die?

HOW ARE YOU MORE LIKELY TO DIE? MORE POINTS = MORE LIKELY TO DIE %3D 1 POINT = 1:1,000,000 %3D The risk of death is difficult to comprehend so we've made it easy for you. We use the formula... the greater the risk, the higher the score. FALLING IN BATH TUB 91 POINTS SKYDIVING OR 10 POINTS R.P *Jumping from a plane may sound risky but your deadliest fall may take place in the bathroom. ALCOHOL POISONING SNAKE BITES OR I POINT 0.4 POINTS RIP *If you fear dying from a snake bite yet occasionally get drunk, you're an idiot. You're almost 2.5 times more likely to die from alcohol than a snake bite. ROLLER COASTERS OR VENDING MACHINES 0.003 POINT 0.008 POINT RIP *Scared of roller coasters but wouldn't think twice about reaching for a snack? You're twice as likely to die from a vending machine than a roller coaster ride. GIVING BIRTH OR BUNGEE JUMPING 149 POINTS 2 POINTS RIP хх *If your wife is reckless enough with her life to get herself pregnant then you have the right to bungee jump. SHARK ATTACK SWIMMING OR 0.004 POINT 2 POINTS RIP *Think you're smart going to the pool to keep yourself safe from sharks? Think again! You're 8 times more likely to drown in a pool than you are being attacked by a shark. MOTORCYCLE OR PEDESTRIAN 772 POINTS 1639 POINTS RIP *Did your mom tell you not to get a motorcycle because it's safer to walk? Then you might want to show her this. FOOD POISONING CHOKING ON FOOD OR 0.3 POINT 2.7 POINTS R.P *Forget making sure your food is suitable to eat - you need to make sure you can properly eat. You're more than eight times as likely to die by choking than by food poisoning. HAVE A AIRCRAFT KILL YOU 0.1 POINT WINNING THE LOTTERY OR PART OF 0.005 POINT RIP LOTTERY хх *Think you're going to get lucky on the lotto? Put it this way; you're more likely to be killed by a falling airplane part. DATING A SUPERMODEL BEING MURDERED OR 12.5 POINTS 55.5 POINTS RIP *1 know statistically there's more of a chance of me being murdered than dating a supermodel, but it won't stop me from trying! DEATH IS INEVITABLE, SO WHO CARES ABOUT THE ODDS? Whether you're chasing a supermodel or trying to win the lotto, remember you could be killed by a vending machine at any moment, so make the most of your life before it's too late. SOURCES: National Safety Council - Sponsored by İFOREX Online Trading All of these activities are amazingly difficult. We wouldn't recommend taking any of them lightly, and you should definitely call your doctor before getting into a fight with a vending machine. 000

How are you more likely to die?

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The risk of death is difficult to comprehend so we've made it easy for you...The greater the risk, the higher the score.


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