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The Chemistry of Tequila

THE CHEMISTRY OF TEQUILA THAT TEQUILA SMELL THE METHANOL MAKES IT These compounds are most responsible for the smell of tequila when you put that shot to your lips: Methanol separates the rough stuff from the quality spirits. Too much methanol can be lethal, but distillers say too little can make tequila taste awful. Unfortunately it's also methanol that makes for CH3 H НаС ОН wicked hangovers. ISOVALERALDEHYDE ISOAMYL ALCOHOL Smells like cocoa/chocolate Smells like whiskey H. .H C- C3з ОН B-DAMASCENONE VANILLIN Smells like wood/sweet Smells like ice cream/cake METHANOL DIAMONDS IN THE SHOT GLASS If they wanted to, scientists could actually turn tequila into synthetic diamonds. Liquid tequila has just the right ratio of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. A scientist would just have to turn liquid tequila into a gas, and then heat the gas until its molecular structure breaks down into very small diamond crystals! EACTIONS NEVERYDAY CHEMISTRY @acsreactions Sources: 2009, Growth of Diamond Films from Tequila, J. Morales, L.M. Apátiga and V.M. Castaño J. Agric. Food Chem. 1996, 44, 557-566, Characterization of Tequila Flavor by Instrumental and Sensory Analysis, Scot M. Benn and Terry L. Peppard I"

The Chemistry of Tequila

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Do you know what's inside your tequila? This infographic describes what tequila is made from.




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