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How Americans Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

ShamrockShakesAnd YouTubeLeprechauns: How do Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day? - BROUGHT TO YOU BY - 42 labe What holiday do you celebrate on March 17 every year? St. Patrick's Day St. Paddy's 75% Day 25% Do you plan on celebrating St. Patrick's Day in any way? 90% "YES" 10% NO IF NO, WHY NOT? For everyone that said they were planning to celebrate in some way - How much do you like St. Patrick's Day? Love it-61% Like it – 36% "Too many crazy fools running around!" Don't really like it – 3% Hate it – 0% "Doesn't really seem like a holiday to me." '94% YES Will you actually try to wear the color green on St. Patrick's Day? "It's not really a major holiday. I do get the occasional Shamrock Shake from McDonalds though." 6% NO How will you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Have you done or will you do any of the following for St. Patrick's Day? (Select all that apply) "Get drunk!!!" "Pinch those who Drink green beer 21% 10% don't wear green." Order a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds 17% 20% "Paddy's Day kiss." "PARTYYYYYYYY" Drink an Irish Car Bomb 9% Drink Irish cream or Irish whiskey 18% 17% Do you consider yourself Irish? Eat corned beef 18% 22% 53% 47% None of the above 8% 10% Do you recognize this amateur drawing of a leprechaun? If so, what percentage of your nationality is Irish? Amateur Sketch 50% - 75% 75% - 100% Not actually Irish 25% - 50% 0% - 25% "I know exactly where that's from" 8% "Yes, but I'm not sure where I saw it." 55% "NO" 37% "I saw it on YouTube" Where did you see it? "Mobile, Alabama" “Newscast about a Leprechaun in Alabama." If you had to pick one of the following t-shirts to wear on St. Patricks Day, which one would you choose? 5% IRISH 95% DRUNK HPYST.RARKSAY 36% 17% 24% 31% Kiss Me 31% 40% |9% 12% I'm'Irish IRELAND This survey was fielded to 405 Americans through the use of social networks. For complete survey methodology, please email us at [email protected] 42 lab

How Americans Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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While you are recovering the next day following a long night of St. Patrick's Day partying do you often wonder how many of your fellow Americans were similarly regretting the decision to have that las...




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