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Hot Jobs That Don’t Require Graduate

TRENDING CAREERS OF 2011 NO GRADUATE DEGREES REQUIRED! -High Massage Therapist Message therapy uses touch to remedy injuries, relax overworked muscles, reduce stress, and promote overall health. Successful massage therapists maintain a lot of clientele. -Low Education & Preparation: Programs require about 500 hours of study / must pass an exam to earn license Athletic Trainer - High Moderate Athletic trainers help to prevent and treat injuries for school athletics, professional athletes and industrial workers. Athletic Trainers work with the injured to reduce future injury through exercise and therapy programs Education & Preparation: Bachelor's degree / most states require a license Interpreter/Translator Moderate Textbooks, pharmaceutical inserts, and instruction manuals are some documents translators will work with. Interpreters work with spoken words while translators concentrate on written text. Low Education & Preparation: Fluent in 2 languages / job-specific training or bachelor's degree Computer Support Specialist -High -Moderate Widespread and expanding adoption of new technologies require professionals who can provide technical assistance. Computer support specialists may work for vendors answering customer questions & concerns. Education & Preparation: Associate's degree or bachelor's degree preferred but not essential Meeting Planner -High High Off-site corporate meetings or events, trade shows, and association meetings are some examples of what Meeting planners are orchestrating. Education & Preparation: Bachelor's degree preferred / real-world experience is most important factor Court Reporter -High Referred to as "guardians of the record, court reporters write down every word that is spoken during a deposition or court proceeding. Reporters generally use stenotype machines to record verbatim transcripts. - Moderate Education & Preparation: 150 training programs to choose from / licensing varies by state Public Relations Specialist Varies -High -Varies Public relations specialists deal with adversarial journalists. It is expected that you work closely with public officials and business leaders so questions can be answered accurately when they arise Education & Preparation: Bachelor's degree in relevant field / experience preferred -Varies Mediator -Moderate The United States' litigious nature provides ample opportunity for mediators. Arbiters and mediators provide a cost-effective alternative to pricey, standard legal proceedings. Low > Education & Preparation: Certification, licensing, and registration vary by state / 60 hours of course programs Film & Video Editor -Varies Editors select the most entertaining and appropriate footage to work into the final result of a production. Editors also add sound effects and music where Moderate -Varies Varies appropriate. Education & Preparation: Bachelor's degree / technical skill with software / solid portfolo Financial Analyst - High High Financial analysts review financial earnings statements and identify attractive investments. Many analysts put time in grading the value and gauging the potential performance of future investments. Education & Preparation: Bachelor's degree in relevant field / license may be required Median Salary Employment Growth 2008 - 2018 Massage Therapist 539.780 Athletic Trainer $44,020 - 9% -37% Interpreter/Translator $45,700 Massage Therapist Athletic Trainer Computer Support Specialist $47,360 Meeting Planner S48,060 ^ 22% - 14% Court Reporter S52,460 Computer Support Specialist Interpreter/Translator Public Relations Specialist $59,370 Mediator $63,250 16% A 18% Film & Video Editor $63,680 Financial Analyst Meeting Planner $85,240 Court Reporter Brazen careerist SOURCES ewisie Activity Lev Activity Level Stress Level Activity Level Activity Level Activity Lev Activity Level

Hot Jobs That Don’t Require Graduate

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Finding a new job can be a challenge, especially in this weak economy. The hiring outlook for these industries has been strong this year and you don’t need an advanced degree to get any of these jobs.


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