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Guide to Buying Secret Santa Presents

Get sorted with our quide to SECRET SANTA IT'S EVERY OFFICE'S FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR AGAIN - ladies and gentlemen, the highly popular/dreaded tradition of Secret Santa. For inspiration on what gifts you should get for your colleagues, read on.. HAVE YOU EVER NO EVEN MET THIS PERSON? GOOD YES LUCK GOOD START You're going to need it. Celebrity 2014 calendar to There is now absolutely every the rescue! Or just cheat and swap pressure on you to get them an amazing Secret Santa. with someone. HOW WELL M DO YOU KNOW THEM? NOT MUCH You STILL don't know how they take their coffee?! THEY'RE ON YOUR You're FACEBOOK IS IT YOUR 'REAL CHRISTMAS CARD LIST BOSS? FRIENDS (whatever that means) They've seen the inside of your house AND know what you YES NO You've liked their relationship status and snooped through their holiday snaps. really think of the boss. YOU HAVE OUR DEEPEST HOW MUCH EFFORT SYMPATHIES Your promotion could hang off this! Blow the budget with a vintage bottle of wine; that Christmas Bonus ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT IN? is just round the corner. PLENTY You've got NOTHING TO LOSE Good plan, You don't want people thinking you're cheap unoriginal. CAN'T BE BOTHERED REALLY ..and nothing says Well at least get out the fancy wrapping paper to show you (sort of) carel Christmas more than a seasonal scratch card. A COUPLE OF WEEKS HOW LONG HAVE YOU LEFT YOURSELF TO SORT THIS? Which means you have NO excuse to not be imaginative, witty and hilarious in your choice! A personalised mug maybe?! IT'S THIS AFTERNOON Even next day delivery isn't going to save you now. You could always gift wrap the contents of the stationery cupboard. OUR OFFICE STRAW POLL 100 A SECRET of SANTATacts 80% 83% A MASSIVE The origins of "Sedret Santa" is thought to have derived from American philanthropist, Larry Dean Stewart (1948-2007) – after doing random acts of kindness for people for 26 years to the tune of just under OF OFFICE WORKERS HAVE NEVER BEEN £1 million. OF OFFICE WORKERS HAVE REALLY LIKED OFFENDED BY A SECRET SANTA GIFT. It would appear the UK's usual reserved nature is at its peak during Christmas. is usually carried out in workplaces or amongst large families - letting people give and receive presents at a set low cost (which is basically a nicer way of saying Christmas on a budget). Secret Santa THEIR SECRET SANTA GIFT. (sucks to be you, 17%) But then nearly half. A tradition celebráted throughout the world, in 27% 48% Germany, Switzerland and Austria it is known as Wichteln, Engerl und Bengerl. Other names include Kris Kringle, Chris Kindle, Christkind for IS OF US HAVE GIVEN THEIR SECRET SANTA those in OF US HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN IN THE BIG SECRET SANTA HAND OUT. Awkward. Ireland, Canada and parts of relan Australia. The Philippines has the PRESENT AWAY. enade Guess that brings a whole new meaning to the season of giving. catchiest title of Monito-monita'. Everywhere else you can just call it Secret Santa. While the unspoken rule is spending a maximum of £5, research last year found that the average amount people expected to spend on presents for colleagues came to £7.98. Good old inflation! unsno 28% 59% OF US CAN BE TRUSTED TO KEEP ADMITTED TO euroffice RECEIVING AN OUR SECRET SANTA INAPPROPRIATE CONFIDENTIAL? your office, our Passion SECRET SANTA GIFT. Shame on you, 41%. .........

Guide to Buying Secret Santa Presents

shared by rssmmthn on Dec 07
A handy step-by-step guide to help you on your journey to buying that always tricky secret Santa present.


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