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Geek is Chic

GEEK CHIC is TECH SAVVY OR GYM RAT? WHICH DO U.S. ADULTS PREFER? Question: If you had to choose a love interest, would you choose one that ... Gender 84% of WOMEN Spends a lot of time at the gym Is super handy with computers and gadgets OR O0 AND 29% 71% 58% of MEN prefer a "nerd" over "gym rat" of all US adults of all US adults Age: Of all US adults, Older adults are more likely to prefer tech savvy 66% 80% age 18-54 age 55+ TODAY'S LADIES LOVE THE TECH Question: I think women find "tech savvy guys" more attractive now than they did 5 years ago. Gender 73% of WOMEN 68% agree AND 64% of MEN of all US adults agree agree Of all US adults, 23% 7% Age: More youngsters strongly agree that women are finding tech savvy guys more attractive now than 5 years ago. age 18-54 strongly agree age 55+ strongly agree I'M A GADGET LEVEL 99 WIZARD Question: I think men have claimed to know more about tech than they actually do in order to impress a woman. 12% 14% 13% Those living in the South are most likely to strongly agree 67% 20% Gender of all US adults agree men have exaggerated their tech prowess 66% of WOMEN I 70% of MEN agree agree Age: 20% 8% Of all US adults, Younger set are more likely to strongly agree. age 18-34 strongly agree age 65+ strongly agree YOU CAN'T FIX MY COMPUTER? WE'RE THROUGH! Question: I would break-up with someone if they weren't as "tech-savvy" as they claimed to be. V 12% Gender 13% of MEN AND of all US adults would end a relationship over 8% of WOMEN this little lie Of all US adults, Age: Younger people are 17% 7% more likely to kick their age 18-44 age 65+ relationship to the curb *Disclaimer: Gender stats are for women who prefer men, and men who prefer women romantically Based on an online survey conducted within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of from December 19-23, 2013 among 2,051 adults ages 18 and older. crucial DEVELOPED BY .com N NOWSOURCING - by Micron For more information, please contact [email protected]

Geek is Chic

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Believe it or not, but women prefer tech savvy men over gym rats. This infographic looks at the numbers behind why this is true.




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