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Using Body Language To Be More Attractive

Usıng BODY LanGuage To Be MOre ATTRaCTIve WHY BODY LANGUAGE IS IMPORTANT: BODY LANGUAGE WORDS accounts for OF QUR account for only 7% 55% OVERALI EFFECTIVE COmmunicaTION WIHILG THE EYES: HOLD THEIR Gaze TO CREaTe THE sense OF a RomanTIC conneCTION SAY CHEESE! 8.2 seconds, is how long it A crinkly-eyed smile or a 'Duchenne' smile are the smiles that people perceive as the most takes for a person to register that there is a romantic connection. seconds, is the average genuine. length of a gaze where there's no connection. Lifted eyebrows is usually considered flirting in America. But don't raise your brows in Japan, where it is considered rude. LooK HeaD-on WHen GazinG In someone's DIRECTION Don't expect a potential sugar daddy to stare you down The rich are too busy to maintain eye contact and are more likely to disengage when initially meeting someone. Attractive Not Attractive Gaze OFTEN DURINGaconvERsaTIOnas eaCH SUCcesSFUL ROmanTIG Gaze makes THe sense OF connecTIOn STRONGER. THE MOUTH: THe 0.5 secoND SMILE BODY POSTURE: ATTRACTIVE TRUSTWORTHY UP Gives a vibe of vulnerability and openness NON-INTRUSIVE * A "smirk", is a quick smile lasting under .25 seconds, and is perceived as fake, same goes for a smile over 1.0 seconds TRUNK Lean Individuals who engage in forward trunk leans increase the verbal output of their interactional partner more than those who do not. Individuals tend to engage in more sideways-leans when interacting with lower-status than with higher-status individuals. Lean forward or Not side to side Backwards Slightly Closed Posture is a body position that covers the throat, stomach and genitals, the three parts of the body most susceptible to injury. CROSSING LEGS TOwarD ParTner Open for Anything... An open body position sends the message that you're interested and comfortable with the other person, which makes them feel more relaxed and interested in you. TOUCHING ParTner conveys INTEREST Start a conversation at the appropriate social distance (see chart) and then close the space between you to approximately 12 inches during the conversation to create a sense of intimacy. BODY SPACE & VOLUME: GeT in CLOSE... not too close Distance Type of Encounter Voice Volume Close (8 in. to 12 in.) Highly personal, seldom used in public. Audible whisper, very confidential Near (12 in. to 36 in.) Many dyadic social interactions occur. Indoors, soft voice Neutral (41/2 5 ft.) Most social gatherings and business transactions. Outdoors, full voice Business and social discourse Public distance (51/2 ft. to 8 ft.) more formal. Desks in offices are Full voice with slight over loudness placed to hold off visitors. Across the room (8 ft. to 20 ft.) Used by teachers or speakers at public gatherings. Loud voice talking to a group Far distance (20o ft. and more) Public speaking by public figures. Hailing distances, public-address FOR MEN: How To aPPeaR CONFIDENT anD Dominant TO women Wear Your RınG : Women like men more who are already attached. SITTING non-SYMETTRICALLY Body is arranged rather unbalanced and may appear nonchalant attitude, such as legs on a table, hand in your pocket or under his jacket, etc. 2009 study at Oklahoma State University found that 59% of women were when told the same "ideal" man SIT DOWN FIRST A person of lower status typically sit's second, usually also asks verbally or with their eyes for permission. interested an the was already in a romantic relationship, the number of interested women shot up to 90% "ideal" single man SPReaD Out A person who is weak typically takes up less space, for example by, crossing his legs, holding your elbows close to the body, etc. BODY LANGUAGE is read by women 10x's more accurately than men. The happy go-lucky type is seen as less sexually attractive to women, while men who seemed borderline pompous or brooding and moody, are seen as attractive. TouCHY, FeeL-Y. Men touch more than women to convey how they feel in the initial stages of courtship. Women generally view this as warm and a sign of genuine expression. We suggest going for an Uncle Jesse from Full House vibe, where you may seem like the bad boy, but are actually a decent human being. FOR WOMEN: A study on heterosexual singles revealed that men copy or "mirror" women's body language when they are attracted to the woman. GIRLS RULE. So if you want to know how you stand with him, shift positions and see if he follows suit. SOURCES: swied

Using Body Language To Be More Attractive

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Using Body Language To Be More Attractive is an infographic to give viewers tips, examples, and statistics on how to use their body language correctly when trying to connect with the opposite sex.


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