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Earning Power: A Visual Survey of 80 Occupations

How to read this data Insights from the data HOLS What about the cost of living? 1.Las Vegas is one of the worst cities to earn a living as a card dealer. 2. The average kindergarten teacher on Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk) makes almost $80k per year. 3. The three occupations with the least room for earnings advancement are farm workers, fast food cooks and postal mail carriers. 4. Surgeons and Anesthesiologists make more than CEO's on average. 5. It is best to be a maid in New York, but a janitor on Martha's Vineyard. 6. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, which has the highest paid statisticians on average. 7. Springfield, MA, is in New England's Knowledge Corridor, but it's fhe brick layers who make over $90k on average. 8. You are better off appraising real estate in San Francisco but brokering it in Belingham, Washington. 9. Los Angeles is the place to be if you want to be a writer, director or priest. 10. The average American paralegal makes more than the average lawyer in Winnsboro, South Carolina. Bricklayer The cost of living is not as much of a factor in average incomes as one might suspect. Earning Power The space E between the red lines is the middle 80%. Further to the left and you S are in the bottom 10% and to the right is the top 10% of earnings for the selected occupation. The top bar is the region or city with the lowest average income. The top earning cities in this graphic represent a broad sweep of America, from Louisville and Baton Rouge to New York City. While the 10 most expensive cities occupy about one third of this graphic, many of the top locations have regional industries or criteria that allow them to pay better than most. $24,440 Mission, Texas a visual survey of 80 occupations The middle bar is the national average income for the selected occupation. $47,740 National The closer the lines are, the less room for earnings advancement there may be. Far apart lines may indicate performance based pay. Inbluillidıltılıllılıl.lılil llluillat lihı.hıbıl The bottom bar is the region or city with the highest average income. 30 Workers may not live in the cities they work in. It is likely that a janitor on Martha's Vinyard does not live there and people who work in large metro areas like San Francisco often commute from towns with a lower cost of living. $90,150 Springfield, Massachusetts Used Ford 1 The gray line is the US national median income of $38,376. This can be used to compare the occupations earnings to that of the 'average' full-time working American. FOR SA LOADERS Maintenance and Repair Farming and Forestry Sales S &MSC Protective Services Building and Grounds Cleaning $495 UP sistant Aircraft Mechanic Farmworker - Live Ranch Telemarketer Fire Fighter Janitor Cl $31,140 North Central West Virginia $14,990 San Antonio, Texas $14,180 Johnson City, Tennessee $19,170 Topeka, Kansas $17,020 Macon, Georgia To buus, will or $51,650 National %2422,920 National $24,770 National $45,700 National $23,500 National RLIFE ghts $82,990 Louisville, Kentucky $35,850 Missoula, Montana $39,700 Boston, Massachusetts $85,800 Oakland, California $35,490 Martha's Vinyard, Massachusetts Watch Repair Farmwork - Crops Door-to-Door Sales Private Detective Maid S DAY $24,240 Austin, Texas $14,130 El Paso, Texas $16,700 Rochester, New York $26,640 Jacksonville, Florida $14,410 Hinesville, Georgia $37,600 National $19,280 National $27,600 National $46,840 National d $TM $20,290 National wner $48,910 New York, New York $39,580 Huntsville, Alabama $43.360 Baton Rouge, Louisiana $80,130 San Bernadino, California $32,820 New York, New York TILL under, Auto Mechanic Lumberjack Real Estate Broker Parking Enforcement Worker Landscaping and Groundskeeping $3 $23,330 East Arkansas $18,190 South Central Kentucky $33,090 Hickory, North Carolina $21,860 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $17,550 MCAllen, Texas ty Record al Directory CI $37,540 National $34,180 National $77,240 National $34,020 National $24,860 National $56.130 Danbury, Connecticut $78,200 Northern Mountain Regions of California $169,560 Bellingham, Washington $47,330 Oakland, California $39,710 Martha's Vinyard, Massachuesetts Computer Repair Logging Equipment Operator Financial Services Sales Agent Crossing Guard BEACH POS Exterminator Comm Estate $23,10 MCAllen, Texas $25,750 Southwest Mississippi $31,990 Flagstaff, Arizona $15,030 Kingsport, Tennessee $17,770 Laredo, Texas Wore $39,420 National $32,780 National $91,050 National $19,260 National FOR $31,040 National Transp $59,390 Bethesda, Maryland $48,390 Olympia, Washington $162,200 Bridgeport, Connecticut $43,400 Spokane, Washington $46,360 Nashua, New Hampshire It's nu season 13 Speeders Auto Tran ALLETATE AUT0& AW Lowest Prices in Town Production Construction Office and Administrative Support Food Preparation Personal Care and Service ree n Jai mith 111 Butcher Hazardous Material Removal Postal Service Mail Carrier Fast Food Cook Black Jack Dealer ave Licer ed as Jud $17,710 Laredo, Texas $19,690 Danville, Illinois $25,180 South Georgia $14,040 South Central Kentucky $14,690 Las Vegas, Nevada LEASE $29.700 National $40,290 National $37,480 National $17,620 National $19,890 National M&D e Dir del. $49,550 Hyannis, Massachusetts $70,090 Chico, California $50,110 Fairbanks, Alaska $22,590 Atlantic City, New Jersey $34,150 Seattle, Washington GALEVA Power Plant Operator Steel Worker Data Entry Head Chef Concierge Cla $34,740 Wichita, Kansas $25,360 Amarillo, Texas $17,690 Southern West Virginia $18,680 East Central Illinois $18,390 Savannah, Georgia ENT O $58,340 National $47,170 National $27,110 National $34,370 National $28,120 National $89,940 Wenatchee, Washington $87,590 Long Island, New York Frocate $37,160 Anchorage, Alaska $65,620 New York, New York $38,680 New York, New York Lathe Operator Bricklayer Executive Secretary Bartender Embalmer Office $19,290 MCAIlen, Texas $24,440 Mission, Texas $27,080 Eastern Montana $14,680 Monroe, Louisiana $23,700 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $34,070 National $47,740 National $42.340 National $20,460 National $39,320 National ED $56,840 Ann Arbor, Michigan $90,150 Springfield, Massachusetts $53,970 San Francisco, California $32,740 Martha's Vinyard, Massachusetts $58,840 San Francisco, California 1/1 5750 Coil Winder Elevator Installer Telephone Operator Dishwasher Flight Attendant $20,230 Erie, Pennsylvania $45,100 Kansas City, Missouri $17,860 Gainsville, Florida $14,220 Pee Dee, South Carolina $26,920 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sound $28,720 National $67,750 National $33,800 National $17,750 National $39,840 National $37,140 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ANTION $116,010 Sacramento, California $47,780 Columbus, Ohio $22,770 Las Vegas, Nevada $40,690 Charlotte, North Carolina OPEN IT'S ASY TO FIND GIRLS Refurn Lood Specials Arts, Media, Entertainment Legal Life, Physical, and Social Science Computers and Mathematics Management Reporter Lawyer Historian Computer Programmer Chief Executive EP. 7776 $20,940 Lincoln, Nebraska $40,950 Winnsboro, South Carolina $27,070 Northern New York $40,980 Southeast Mississippi $53,630 Eastern Montana Rest $33,470 National $102,470 National BILL O $57.180 National $65,610 National $145,000 National ..$1M $69.830 Washington, D.C. $181,850 San Jose, California $82,710 Washington, D.C. $105,600 Boston, Massachusetts $205,860 New York, New York For Sale Graphic Designer Judge Economist Database Administrator Sales Manager $24,640 Florence, Alabama $30,540 East Texas $61,990 Fort Worth, Texas $40,330 Lynchburg, Virginia $52,560 South Western Oklahoma $39,900 National $101,690 National $77,010 National $72,900 National $91,560 National Owner $72,140 San Francisco, California $191,110 Providence, Rhode Island $117,200 New York, New York $91,820 Los Angeles, California $158,910 Long Island, New York 111 Writer Court Reporter Political Scientist Statistician Financial Manager $29.170 Scranton, Pennsylvania $21,190 Birmingham, Alabama $65,290 Seattle, Washington $37,900 Jonesboro, Arkansas $57,020 Cleveland, Tennessee County Reco $48,640 National ssional Direc $45,610 National $99,320 National $65,720 National $90,970 National $117,700 Los Angeles, California $98.100 Portland, Oregon $109,170 Washington, D.C. $102,930 Gaithersburg, Maryland $154,200 New York, New York 7,2005 2216 Real Sal Director/Producer Paralegal Physicist Actuary Funeral Director 050-1130 $26,510 Lafayette, Louisiana $25,750 Southwest Mississippi $53,690 Austin, Texas $58,450 Portland, Maine $30,780 West Central Kentucky RAVEL 72-2400 ercial Real Rent/Lease $56,310 National $43,040 National $95,580 National $82,800 National $49,620 National ing y Beach $104,240 New Haven, Connecticut $120,020 Los Angeles, California $65,890 Stockton, California $146,960 Miami, Florida $148,380 Fort Worth, Texas It's flu Lantana Wort $1-373-3810 Health Care Practitioner Education CO. Community and Social Services Architecture and Engineering Business and Financial Operations Smith Anesthesiologist Librarian Social Worker Architect Claims Adjuster EL'S Tender $146,470 Sioux Falls, South Dakota $30,290 Danville, Illinois $25,180 South Georgia $44,420 College Station, Texas $34,330 North Western Oklahoma $195,570 National 1...$422K $46,060 National $37,480 National $64,150 National $50,660 National $218,690 Washington, D.C. $75,090 Chico, California $78,420 Newark, New Jersey $127,410 Santa Barbara, California $87,410 Asheville, North Caroling Chiropractor Kindergarten Teacher Clergy Nuclear Engineer Loan Officer Hove EDDY $36,920 Southwestern Montana $22,320 Eastern Montana $24,150 Gary, Indiana $80,170 Raleigh, North Carolina $35,240 Idaho Falls, Indiana $65.220 National $49,770 National $45,440 National $90,220 National $51,760 National $150,990 Charlotte, North Carolina $79,280 Long Island, New York $66,390 Los Angeles, California $158,390 San Francisco, California $94,300 San Francisco, California Athletic Trainer Special Education Teacher Probation Officer Aerospace Engineer Tax Collector nted $23,840 Charlottesville, Virginia $30,080 Western Montana $29,930 Johnson City, Tennessee $67,890 Little Rock, Arkansas $24,090 Western Pennsylvania $36,560 National $55,050 National $42,500 National $87,610 National $45,620 National $55,470 Washington, D.C $86,410 Long Island, New York $82,810 San Francisco, California $118,200 Baltimore, Maryland $80,000 Waterbury, Connecticut 10320 Surgeon Curator Marriage Therapist Civil Engineer Real Estate Appraiser ou os $75,160 Durham, North Carolina $36.020 Northeastern North Carolina $27,920 Nashville, Tennessee $36,440 Central Illinois $24,930 East Arkansas $177,690 National ...$425K $51,540 National $46,930 National $68,600 National $44,460 National eed Il-tim $220,870 Panama City, Florida $74,980 San Francisco, California $86,360 Honolulu, Hawaii $99.890 San Jose, California $96,370 San Francisco, California Made AMARING ORer BUSR re commission onl hings. Job will con and special eve A Bu Love Appreman TRAIAN Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some cities were omitted due to insufficient data or other reasons. ting Group, Inc. TIMES CLASSIRg IPF

Earning Power: A Visual Survey of 80 Occupations

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What are all the statistical differences between different jobs? Do you have better odds being a card dealer in Vegas or Seattle? In which area of the country do janitors really clean up? Where sho...



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