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Drug Addict Profiles

DRUG ADDICT PROFILES ADDICT 1ST LIEUTENANT Matt "The Meth Head" Description/Bie Hethamphetamine is a drug that does not allow much room for casual use. Daers quickly become addicts. The health of addicts quickly deteriorates, as does their ability to tend to basie personal hygiene. Heth is often reterred to as the "dirty dreg. Attributes Snells Terrible * Skinny Rapid Eve Hovenent Dilated Pupile He jght Meights 6'2 120 lbs. Chances of Death by Subatance *****e *** *7/10 Andy "The Alcoholic" Deseription/Bie There are nany signs and sympt.oms related to drinking problems. Aleoholism is cons idered a progressive disease, meaning e the symptoms and ettects of drinking aleohol become in that singly more severe over time. Those who use aleohol may beginto show of a problen, then progress to showing symptoms of alon ly signa drinking eont inues, thay nay laner show av aleohol dependence. of alecholiam or ALEihates .Neglecte activitjes Spends ma jority of time at bars Lies a lot Drinks to get drunk Meiaht 5'11 308 1be. Chances of Death by Substance ******** ** 8/10 Steve "The Stoner" Deseription/Bie Harijuana addiet ion has elear signs and indieators. Harijuana addietion is simply an unoontrollable urge to possess and use the drug. Those vith narijuana addietion are not able to stop using the drug even it they wish. Often a person with marijuana addietion will make cont inuous exeuses about vhy now is not a good tie to stop using the drug. Harijuana addiction is a disesse that affects millions ot people every year. attributes Red eyes Dry mouth . Unable to sleep vithout the drwg . Reduced activisjes Spends lota of time getting high Height Weights 120 ibs. Chances of Death by Subatance ****k***** 1/10 ADDICT COLONEL Brandon "The Coke Head" Description/Bie Cocaine is presently the most abused major stimulant in America. It has recently begome the drug most frequently inwolwed in emeraang abuse but is now considered the caviar of recreational arops . Coekine depenadee tOE ia paychological dependency on the regular use of cocaine. It can result in cardiovancular and brain danage, specifically in the central nervous system. AMributes kunn ing nose, anorts a lot Loses veight quickly and is rarely hungry Kind reees vith manr thoughta Talks incessantly and is constantly on the go Height: Meights 175 lbs. Chances of Death by Substance **** **** ** 6/10 ADDICT GENERAL Harry "The Heroin Addict" Deseription/Bio Heroin is a highly addietive drug derived from morphine, which is obtained from the opium poppy. Ie is a "dowmer or depressant that aftects the brain's pleasure systens and interferes vith the brain's ability to perceive pain. Heroin users may become addieted in as littie as one use. It is estinated that 254 or sore of atreet uners are considered phye joally dependent, But while there may be sone regular users vbo do not end up looking 1ike the inages one eonjures up vhen imagining heroin addicts, this opiate is one of the most dangerous droge to experinent vith and prolonged wse typically wil1 result in addiet ion. Aributes • prowsy most of the time Doesn't think elearly Pupils apppear constrieted . Vomiting and conatipation is nornal Meights 140 lbe. 5'10 Chances of Death by Subatances **********9/10 ADDICT SERGEANT MAJOR Edward "The Ecstasy Addict" Deseription/Bio Eestasy is a commonly-uned name for HDMA. This drog vas originally developed for use as an appetite suppressant, but it was never widely used for this purpose because it has hallucinogenie properties. MOA was used for a short time in the 1960s as a treataient for some types of mental 1llness, but us ing the drug for this purpose only made the pat ients woEse. Eestasy is not physieally addietive in the vay that drugs like eocaine, nicotine and beroin are. Hany users are, hovever, addicted to the emotional state they reach on the drug. Some feel they cannot live without it and become regular users. Attributes . Touches everything vith delight Buge mood svings Hemory loss is common . Immune syatem is compromised Neight Meights 140 lbs. Chances of Death by Substance **** **** **5/10 Pam "The Prescription Pill Addict" Deseription/Bie Preseription drugs are the second most conmonly dregs, behind marijoana and aheed of iny ed eategory of and other drugs. The National Institutes of. nearly 20 percent of people in the nited States have used preseripe ion drugs for non-medieal reasons. when beloved eelebrities like Kichael Jackson and Heath Ledger preserips ion drug overdoses, the don't have to be rich and fan prdeie akes headlines. Bu yo Millions of suburban moma, dade, teachers, nurses and teenagers are becoming pharmaceutieal junkies. beroin, methanphetamine I Health estimates that lose their lives to to suppors a dangerous pill habit. Attributes Big mood swings . On and oft reliet fron anxiety Bees several doctors and/or pharmacies to get more pills Takes more than the recomended dose Heighti Weight 115 lbs. Chances of Death by Subatance ****k **** * /10 US Drug-Related Deaths in 2010 Meth ZIZA000 Alcohol Cocaine Heroin Eestacy 100, 000 Preвeriptloов рі1ls Number of deathe in 2010 Addict Chance of Death by Substance 6/10 "Drug abuse, chemical dependency, and addictive behavior spare no one and are spread throughout society. They do not respect age, profession, race, religion, or physical attributes. has put together this informational graphic as a stereotypical example of the extremes. Addicts come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn't be limited to the views expressed in this document" Rehab Programs ADDICT MAJOR PRIVATE 1ST CLASS ADDICT ADDICT 1ST LIEUTENANT

Drug Addict Profiles

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Different types of drugs call for different types of addicts. This infographic shows how different drug addicts act differently.


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