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Counterfeits & copies

COUNTERFEITS & COPIES When print goes bad... Regardless of whether it's morally right or not, history has shown that there's plenty of money in fakery. From counterfeit currency to illicit identification, technology has made it even easier for print to go bad.. MONEY Counterfeit money is one of the main ways that print can be misused, causing a negative impact on the UK economy if left unchecked. The Bank of England is responsible for monitoring the use of fake bank notes, ensuring British currency remains genuine. During the first half of 2015, 119,000 119,000 £2.3million counterfeit bank notes were removed from circulation. The face value of COUNTERFEIT NOTES FACE VALUE these notes was around £2.3 million. COUNTERFEITS IN 2015 £5 £10 £20 £50 1,000 39,000 69,000 10,000 £5 notes £10 notes £20 notes £50 notes In 2014, there were 434,000 counterfelt notes worth a face value of over £8 million. DID YOU KNOW? Digital printers are playing an increasing part in the production of fake money. US hairstylist Tarshema Brice pleaded guilty to producing between $10,000 and $20,000 in counterfeit cash. She would transform $5 bills into $50 or $100 bills by soaking them in degreaser and scrubbing away the ink with a toothbrush. She would then dry them with a hairdryer before using her HP 3-in-1 printer to print new figures on the bills. In 1995, less than 1% of In 2016, 60% were. counterfeit notes were printed digitally. HOW TO SPOT FAKE MONEY BANKNOTES - You can check if your banknotes are real by: Running your finger across the Checking the metal thread in your front of the note - the phrase note. This will appear as a solid black 'Bank of England' should be raised. line when placed in front of a light. £20 ankaf England omds Looking at the print quality - lines Check the watermark - the Queen's portrait should be sharp and smudge-free. should appear when held up to the light. COINS - Fake £1 coins of ten feature: Unclear lettering Queen's head and reverse design that are not the same way up A design on the E POUND reverse that does not correspond with the year's official design Unclear lettering $ £ * * € ART Art forgery is the process of creating a painting, sculpture or other piece of art and wrongly attributing it to a usually famous artist. Shockingly enough, it is claimed that more than half of all art in circulation is forged. As technology evolves, the quality of art prints has significantly improved. It's becoming increasingly difficult to tell an original artwork apart from a print - even the experts are struggling with it! HENRI MATTISE It took the Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art two years to spot that their Henri Matisse Odalisque in Red Trousers painting had been stolen and replaced with a copy. The original painting has since been returned to the museum, after a couple tried to sell it to undercover FBI agents in 2012. ORIGINAL VA LUE: £1.8 million CHINESE MASTERS A curator of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China admitted to stealing over 140 paintings by Chinese masters like Zhu Da and Zhang Dagian. He replaced the paintings he stole with forgeries that he had painted, before selling them on. Amazingly, he claims that his replacement forgeries were then stolen and replaced! ORIGINAL VALUE: 18 of the stolen paintings were estimated at £7.2 million. ANDY WARHOL Nine Andy Warhol original portraits were stolen from an LA movie business and replaced with fakes. The swap was only discovered when one painting was taken to be reframed. Staff noticed the piece had a fuzzy print quality, no print number or signature. ORIGINAL VA LUE: £239,000 IDENTIFICATION Identity document forgery is the process of recreating passports, driving licenses and other official documents with the goal of deceiving authorities. The fakes are often used in identity theft, age deception, illegal immigration and other criminal activity, posing a huge risk to our society. Fake-ID factories have even been established to capitalise on the demand for illegal identification. DID YOU KNOW? It is estimated that over 30,00O FAKE ID'S are in circulation PC World withdrew a £750 printer from sale after detectives discovered It could print replicas of EU driv ing licences and ID cards. DRIVING LICENSES Driving licenses should have the following: Field 1 and Field 9 data printed in Black and white, laser- engraved photograph raised characters. DRIVING LICENCE 2. FORENAMES 3. DATE/BRTHPLACE Holographic 5. CODE steering wheel Changing images, which alter Laser-engraved depending on how unique identifier you tilt the card. PASSPORTS Genuine passports can be identified by the following: Paper that does not fluoresce under UV light. EUROPEAN UNION UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NOTHERN IRELAND Random security fibres across all pages. A high quality finish. Raised Intaglio ink pattern on the inside cover of a UK passport. A watermark that does not react to UV light. PASSPORT POKÉMON CARDS It's not just currency, priceless works of art and identification that can be forged. Light-hearted Pokémon trading cards have also become a victim of fakery on a huge scale. In 2012, a shipment of 33,000 counterfeit game sets with a face value of over $200,000 were destroyed by US federal authorities. Genuine passports can be identified by the following: Look out for Make sure the Mewtwo 60 HP O stickers - the species featured are actually cards should be flush. Pokémon. Check for spelling mistakes - Psychic Dos 10 dp 10rre darge ke eah Erergy ardaaded to che Derdg Rle 10+ look especially Ensure the for the accent Barrier Dad I Eragy ardaadado Maovo inorder co e ch ack Durig your oppor's re m pre kcs of arge, dore to Hevoa attack details on the 'e' of exist and be Pokémon. wakn cautious of a HP over 500, A sderie oveted Pane ter peers ef tav e pe spidng cnd DMA engeee ing eaperinees. VS iso THE FUTURE The development of 3D printing has offered many benefits to industries-along with a number of negatives. 3D PRINTING & ART A photographic scanning system has been developed to identify the 3D details of paintings, such as brush strokes and texture. The scan is then fed into a 3D printer, which is able to recreate the pieces in extraordinary detail. While this is great for art lovers, it poses problems for gallery owners! 3D PRINTING & RETAIL While 3D printing has a minimal impact on the printing of currency itself, it can be used by fraudsters to recreate sought-after goods like watches, mobile phones and other luxury goods. This poses a huge potential risk and threatens to up the number of counterfeit products on the market. 3D PRINTING & GUNS 3D printed guns offer a new danger away from fakery and fraud. In May 2013, the world's first 3D printed gun was fired after a year of development. It was created using an $8,000 (E5,140) printer and has since triggered concerns that firearms will become more widespread. Because the guns are created with layered plastic, they could even escape metal detectors. SOURCES uela-returned orld-asia-china-33607419 hou-academy-fine-artsxiao-yuan stem/uploads/attachment_data/file/98108/false-id-guidance.pdf .html giz plastic-gun-ban-left-a3d-printed-loophole @creative commons COURTESY OF Www.CARTRIDGEDISsCOUNT.CO.UK

Counterfeits & copies

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Regardless of whether it’s morally right or not, history has shown that there’s plenty of money in fakery. From counterfeit currency to illicit identification, technology has made it even easier ...


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