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Timeless British Classics

TIMELESS BRITISH CLASSICS WHAT MAKES AN OBJECT TIMELESS? From watches handed down from father to son, to grandfather clocks that stand in hallways through generations, timelessness is difficult to define. In ärchitecture, timelessness can be measured through a number of factors: ADAPTABILITY NATURAL GEOMETRY ELEMENTS RELEVANCY timelessness PRACTICALITY CONFIDENCE PERMANENCE HONESTY PERMANENCE PRACTICALITY Design that is relevont for several generations Outlasting fad trends and fashions The design that solves a problem and serves a purpose HONESTY ADAPTABLE The designs should be funcrional as well as beautful. The ubjecs that can be altered or changed for specific uses GEOMETRY NATURAL ELEMENTS Tameless design should incorporate natural Timeless design uses the principies of natural proporsion elements and take inspirotion from nature CONFIDENCE RELEVANCY The piece should exude confidence without being egotiseical. Timeless designs are made using current moterials and methods, They respect tradition without copying it Despite the debate around the term, there are a number of British classiCs that can be labelled timeless. Years of use have cemented their place in our hearts and in our homes. HERE ARE OUR FAVOURITES CHESTERFIELD SOFAS The Chesterfield sofa is a deep-buttoned, leather couch. It is believed that the first of this type was originally commissioned by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope. The term has been in constant use since the 19th century. 50 £21,995 168 year guarantee for a sir seater hours to make The frame and internals are Fully bespoke Chesterfield sofas Each sofa takes over 150 hours guaranteed for 50 years. However, these can realistically can cost anything between £8,995 to create and a further 18 for a single chair to £21,995 hours to hand dye last for longer. for a six seater. Did You Knov? Hand dying is a rare and highly sought after skill. It offers a unique patinated finish and was used in the 1 8th century before any tannery or pre-dyed leather existed. It takes several hours to complete the process. HAND BUILT WATCHES While quartz watches are battery reliant, handmade mechanical watches offer a completely unique feel and will tick forever. Horology expert George Daniels made watches from stärt to finish in his workshop on the Isle of Man. Following his death. Roger W. Smith continues Daniels' impeccable craft, creating the rarest and most luxurious watches in the world. The Series Il timepiece, which took three years to develop, is the first wristwatch in over 50 years to be designed and made entirely in Great Britain. i XII xii R.W.SMITH lifetime £250,000 guarantee for a typical watch months to make While leather straps may need The watches can typically cost Each watch can take up to to be replaced, a mechanical between E100,000 and £250,000 6 months to create. watch can last for multiple lifetimes if serviced regulariy Did You Know? There is Currentiy a 4-year waiting list for Roger W. Smith watches SAVILE ROW TAILORING The suits created on Savile Row are amongst the finest in the world. They're custom made to meet a client's exact needs. Handcrafted by a team of experts, the suits are tailored to fit the wearer perfectly. 20 £4,500 12 уears for a bespoke suit weeks to make A bespoke suit, depending on E4,5000 is the starting 12 weeks minimum for new clients. how it is crafted and cared for, price for a bespoke The process is often shorter once the can last for 10 to 20 years Gieves Hawkes suit tailor knows your measurements. Did You Know? Famous clients of Gieves & Hawkes include the Duke of Wellington, Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, lan Fleming and Michael jackson. HANDCRAFTED -LEATHER SHOES- Traditionally crafted shoes are a rarity in the age of modern machine-powered manufacturing. Loake Shoemakers operate with the royal warrant. The footwear the brand creates is a supreme exampie of British craftsmanship. lifetime £220 gиarantee on average weeks to make If properly cared for and repaired Shoes from the Loake 1880 Eight weeks for Goodyear when damaged, British-made collection cost around £220 welted shoes, ivolving 130 leather shoes can last a lifetime. on average. skilled craftsmen. Did You Know? It is estimated that Loake has made over fifty million pairs of Goodyear welted shoes since the company began in 1894. AGED SCOTCH WHISKY A true British gentleman can appreciate a fine whisky and Scotch is arguably one of the best. Talisker, crafted on the Isle of Skye, was voted as The Independent's best Scotch whisky. TALISKER SINGLE MALT COTCH WHISKY 10 30 £1,000 3 year lifetime for a limited edition years to make If sealed properly, whisky only A 10-year-old single malt Talisker whisky A minimum of 3 years aging gets better with age. The best are averoges around £35 per bottle. is necessary to create often aged for 0 to 30 years. A 28-year-old limited edition version a single malt whisky. retails for nearly £4,000. Did You Know? The Talisker distillery is the only on the Isle of Skye. It was built in 1831 and its whisky's are frequent award-winners. TIMELESS VEHICLES A truly timeless car is a vehicle that is revered by multiple generations, providing the same striking impression now as it did when first ereated. One of the most iconic car manufacturers in Britain is Aston Martin. All Aston Martin vehicles are custom made. 84 £400,000 200 years old for original models hours to make The oldest surviving The brand is famed for its DB5. Only 1,059 in total, an Aston Martin Aston Martin is the were created between 1963 and 1965. vehicie takes around 200 1922 A3. Originally priced at just over £4,000, hours to create. they now sell for over £400,000. Did You Know? Every part of the car is designed and built in Graydon, aside from the engine which is made in Cologne, Germany. SOURCES artices/2011-07/19/savile-row-bespoke- food-and-drink/features/the-10-best-scotch- whiskies-8466014.htmPaction"gallery it-mean-to-be-timeless/ suits-best-tailors-london/poge/2 downloods/the-original-sofo-co-product- guide pof knowiedge/production/overviewihow-single- mait-whisky-is-madehtml bespoke-process/5-2/ style/5568/stonding-the-test-of-time-how- long-will-your-suit-lost.html tolisker-10-year-old-whisky/) crafting tailors-022646 .thewhiskyexchange. com/P-484 options/#PriceList https://www. Laspx condensed-History-of-The-Chesterfield-Sofa talisker.html dyed-leather! 14/the- great-english-shoe/ aston-martin-I 00-years! 880. mogazine-24211691 html article-2375193/Behind-scenes-Aston- 2/02/ what-is-single-mait-scotch-what-is-blended- whisky html Martin-How-build-100k-sports-carhtml businessclub/I/307795/Meet-Britains- most-exclusive-watchmaker-whose- exquisite-timepieces-sell-for-up-to-250000. the-darkson-review-2015-aston-martin- filter/ I 0430685/Thinking-Drinkers-a- beginners-guide-to-single-mait-whisky.html html vanquish life-style/life-style/buying-o-luxury-watch motoringvideo/ I0202962/100-years-of talisker Aston-Martin.html the-three-main-fittings/ COURTESY OF Www.THEORIGINALSOFACO.COM Ogreative commons

Timeless British Classics

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From watches handed down from father to son, to grandfather clocks that stand in hallways through generations, timelessness is difficult to define. Check out our infographic to see what makes an obje...


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