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Six People You Know You’ll Bump Into On Every Night Out

THE ONE ON THE PULL... FAVOURITE POST: #SQUADGOALS TO INSTAGRAM Out with "the Lynx? Check! lads". Is prepared to ditch them at a Excessive hair moment's notice. gel? Check! One eye scoping Freshly-ironed (courtesy of mum) designer shirt from out the talent in the room, one eye scoping out the TK Maxx? Check! talent on Tinder. Likes to frequent the cheapest bars in town. We've no idea why... S snizl THE GIRLS' NIGHT OUT FAVOURITE SHOT: ANYTHING WITH A SELFIE STICK Not even drunk yet but still can't walk straight (thank you 6 inch stilettos). Takes 6933 selfies in the toilet 1 second They Never. Stop. Talking. Except to sing. Loudly. apart and uploads them ALL to Facebook. S snizl THE LIABILITY FAVOURITE EXIT: REPEATEDLY THEN EXPECTS FRIENDS TO COME AND FIND THEM 8pm: "where's my phone?" 9pm: "I've lost my purse... buy me a drink?" 10pm: "who stole At some point they'll be sick (next to, not in the toilet) and cry. my shoe?" Mid-point between crying or being sick and passing out, they'll call an ex-partner. S snizl THE FREELOADER FAVOURITE ACT: LETS YOU BUY THEM A DRINK THEN RUNS AWAY Probably got past the bouncer thanks to their brother/sister/cousin's 'borrowed' ID. Has £10 pocket money to last them the night. Disappears to the toilet every time the glasses are nearly empty. Buys beer on their round. Asks for a treble vodka and Red Bull when it's yours'. S snizl THE LONER FAVOURITE LINE: THAT'LL DO FOR THE NIGHT! (AFTER ONE BEER) Is usually the oldest one in the room (by a large margin). Wears his very Bemoans the lack of traditional cask best suit - if only it fit and wasn't ales in all the local nightclubs. tarnished by years of poor hygiene... Come too close and they WILL say “hi". S snizl ID

Six People You Know You’ll Bump Into On Every Night Out

shared by BoomOnline on Feb 25
It doesnt matter where you are in the world. From the UK to the USA - form Brazil to Germany. When you hit the pubs, bars and clubs you see the same people out and about. Some of them are your friends...




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