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The Mustached American Plight

TO 'STACHE OR NOT TO 'STACHE CONSIDER: THE HIGH COST OF MEN'S GROOMING INITIAL RAZOR PURCHASE SHAVING CREAM $11.99, $3.49 (7 oz. CAN) IF REPLACED EVERY TWO YEARS, THAT WORKS OUT TO ABOUT 1.5¢ PER SHAVE 1 CAN PROVIDES ENOUGH CREAM FOR +45 SHAVES, WHICH IS ABOUT 8¢/SHAVE REPLACEMENT RAZORS (8 PACK) $33.99E SINCE VARIABLES SUCH AS BEARD TOUGHNESS, THICKNESS AND PREPARATION ALL HAVE AN EFFECT ON THIS NUMBER, WE WILL ASSUME 1 DISPOSABLE BLADE LASTS 10 SHAVES ON AVERAGE. WHICH MEANS YOU'RE USING UP 42.5¢ IN BLADES EVERY TIME YOU SHAVE. LOST PRODUCTIVITY SHAVING TAKES ABOUT 3 MINUTES PER DAY ASSUMING AN ANNUAL SALARY OF $42,000, YOUR DAILY SHAVE COSTS YOU $1 IN TIME. A 5% CONSIDER: THE GEOMETRY OF THE FACE REDUCTION IN SHAVING EVERY YEAR SAVES 1.8 DISPOSABLE BLADES or $7.75 2.8CL. SHAVING CREAM *THE MUSTACHE COMPRISES ALMOST or $1.44 5% 54 MINUTES OF THE TOTAL FACIAL SHAVING AREA or $18.25 'STACHE FACTS AMERICAN MUSTACHE INSTITUTE INCOME UPKEEP PROTESTEP TANCLASS MUSTACHED AMERICANS EARN AN AVERAGE OF MUSTACHED AMERICANS SPEND $2,730 MORE PER YEAR THAN CLEAN-SHAVEN MEN 74% SUPPORT 10% OF THEIR $63,507 $66,237 DISPOSABLE INCOME ON TOILETRIES When polled, Americans showed strong support for eliminating 26% the tax penalty that exists for Mustached Americans. THUS, THEY ALSO PAY OVER $675 MORE IN TAXES THAN THEIR NON-MUSTACHED COUNTERPARTS. OPPOSE CONSIDER: WHICH 'STACHE MATCHES YOUR STYLE CHEVRON DALI ENGLISH FU MANCHU - as seen on - - as seen on - - as seen on - - as seen on Jeff Foxworthy Salvador Dali Hercule Poirot Fu Manchu HORSESHOE IMPERIAL LAMPSHADE PAINTERS BRUSH PENCIL - as seen on - - as seen on – - as seen on - - as seen on – - as seen on - Hulk Hogan Civil War Reenactors Hercule Poirot Super Mario Bros. David Niven HANDLEBAR PYRAMID WALRUS TOOTHBRUSH - as seen on - - as seen on - - as seen on - - as seen on - Pringles Cans Alex Trebek Wilford Brimley Adolf Hitler CONSIDER: THE STACHE ACT MILLION MUSTACHE MARCH THE H&R BLOCK 'STACHE Act On President's Day 2012, The American Mustache Institute introduced the Million Mustache March in support of the Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses, or the STACHE Act. If adopted by Congress, the STACHE Act would provide up to a $250.00 annual tax refund for Mustached Americans. Americans can participate by: • Visiting where you can add a past presidential mustache to a Facebook photo; APRIL 1-WASHINGTON D.C. • Or, by joining the American Mustache Institute in Washington, D.C., on April 1 for a physical march of one million Mustached Americans from the U.S. Capitol to the White House. For every Million Mustache March participant, America's leading tax authority – H&R Block -will make contributions to Millions From One - which delivers clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it themselves. All Americans are invited to participate in perhaps the most important movement in the history of movements – to help ensure for the fair taxation of Mustached Americans, and at the same time, help deliver clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it themselves. CONSIDER: THE SOURCES AMERICAN MUSTACHE INSTITUTE H&R BLOCK NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS" Created by oBizMedia f

The Mustached American Plight

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This Infographic was released to document the plight of the Mustached American people.


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