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MOUSTACHE -O- GRAPH The emergence of the hipster has, ironically, made the stylized moustache popular in mainstream culture again. The gallant lip tickler was once reserved for gentlemen and nobles, but now grows under the noses of America's "untrendy" youth. But you don't have to wear oversized, plastic- framed glasses and skinny jeans to sport a rockin' lip sweater. All you need is patience and a little creativity to bring this low-cost, and flavor-saving, facial fashion accessory back the right way. support ★** your local wax maker Natural, inexpensive moustache wax is in full artisan production: $3.00 <« Moustache Beard Whisker Wax $6.00 <« Lecherous Lett's Magnificent Moustache Wax $8.00 <« Mustachio Waxio OR $8.00 <« Firehouse Moustache Wax { portion is donated to charity} $9.00 << Man's Face Stuff Check out for more homemade face pomade. DIY moustache wax Ingredients 6 tsp. Beeswax { grated } 2 tsp. Powdered Gum Arabic 2 tsp. Murphy's Oil Soap 4 tsp. Water Total cost, based on 9.62 Recipe 1. Melt beeswax over medium heat in a double boiler or saucepan. Can also microwave for 30 seconds, with 15 second increments there- after, until beeswax is fully melted. 2. In a separate bowl or saucepan, combine powdered gum arabic, Murphy's Oil Soap and water, and warm over medium heat. 3. Gradually stir melted beeswax into warmed mixture. Continue stirring for desired con- sistency. Add small amounts of water if wax mixture is too thick. 4 4. Let mixture cool in an airtight container. grooming your lip garden x >> Chevron « >> Dali <« >> Horseshoe « >> English << > Imperial « >> Fu Manchu « >> Walrus < >> Pencil << >> Toothbrush « moustaches that pay In some occupations, a bitchin' mouth forest is considered relevant experience. Private Investigators: $48,610/yr $51,410/yr Broadcast News Anchors: Cops: $56,260/yr required, but it helps Baseball Payers: $3.34 millionyr celebrity 'staches Cesar Romero refused to shave his moustache for the 1960s Batman TV series. He tried to hide it with white makeup, but even the Joker can't mask a well-groomed English. Tom Selleck made the Chevron a staple for private investigation, with his hit 80s TV series Magnum P.I. He lost favor, however, when he shaved it for In & Out in 1997. Jean Dujardin donned a Pencil moustache for The Artist. Unfortunately, his lips were bare when he accepted an Oscar for the role. Nick Offerman's Walrus moustache is all that is man, as his character Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec attests. A word of advice from Ron, keep your moustache trimmed but remember that "Only women shave beneath the neck." It's been 99 years since the White House has seen a moustache. William Howard Taft was the last U.S. president to display lower nose accoutrements, with Teddy Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland and Chester A. Arthur before him. record *growth India's Ram Singh Chauhan spends over 2 hours a day grooming his world record 14-foot moustache. April 2012, ObrassIMEDIA Research & Writing: Chris Thomas Design & Layout: Kyla Tom Sources:,,,,,,,, Think your 'stache can compete? Choose the style that’s right for you! Nou that we have the wax all sorted out.. Moustache not requti. --------


shared by MoneySideOfLife on Jul 11
A neat little infograph on how to bring the moustache back the right way.


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