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British Versions of Global Landmarks

Very British versions of the WORLD'S Natural Wonders Iconic buildings Henry takes a look at Britain's perfectly adeguate versions of natural world wonders and iconic buildings. THE GRAND CANYON MAX DEPTH: 1,857m VISITORS/YEAR: OVER 6 MILLION AREA COVERED: 4,926km? MUST SEE: Bright Angel Point, along the North Rim, which allows views of the Roaring Springs. PRICE OF A CUPPA: the Bright Angel Coffee House. £2.00 "VERY IMPRESSIVE AMERICA, BUT WE BRITS HAVE... THE CHEDDAR GORGE WHAT A CRACKER!" SAID HENRY, PROUDLY. MAX DEPTH: 137m VISITORS/YEAR: 500,000 AREA COVERED: 4.413km2 CHEPPAR MUST SEE: Stalagmites & stalactites in Gough's Cave. PRICE OF A CUPPA: Costa. £2.30 HEIGHT: THE EIFFEL TOWER 324m VISITORS/YEAR: 7,000,000 COST TO BUILD: 7,799,401.31 francs (£30m in today's money) MUST SEE: Take a guided tour; learn everything about the most famous monument in Paris. PRICE OF A CUPPA: .at the Castel Cafe. O£3.50 "C'est trés jolie FRANCE, BUT WE BRITS HAVE... THE BLACKPOOI TOWER AND BY JOVE, SHE'S MAGNIFICENT!" GUSHED HENRY. HEIGHT: 158m VISITORS/YEAR: 650,000 COST TO BUILD: £290,000 (£40m in today's money) MUST SEE: Take a trip to the top of the tower and experience the thrilling SkyWalk with its 5cm thick glass viewing platform! PRICE OF A CUPPA: Cafe Fresch. O£1.75 BLACKPOOL MOUNT EVEREST HEIGHT: 8,848m GEOLOGICAL AGE: 60 MILLION YEARS CLIMATE AT PEAK: -27°C (Average) CLIMB TO PEAK: 40 DAYS (Average) MUST SEE: Kala Patthar (at 5,164m) near basecamp offers the closest views of Mt Everest without the full climb. PRICE OF A CUPPA: the Rest Point O £1.00 Bakery & Cafe, Nepal. "JOLLY GOOD SHOW, NEPAL, BUT WE BRITS HAVE... BEN NEVIS COME BACK IN 290 MILLION YEARS!" CHUCKLED HENRY. HEIGHT: 1,345m GEOLOGICAL AGE: 350 MILLION YEARS CLIMATE AT PEAK: -5°C (Average) CLIMB TO PEAK: 4 HOURS (Average) MUST SEE: Explore the ruins of the old observatory. PRICE OF A CUPPA: the Glen Nevis O£2.00 Restaurant. CHRIST THE REDEEMER HEIGHT: 38m YEAR BUILT: 1931 COST TO BUILD: 10 (US) $250,000 (£2.5m in todays money) VISITORS/YEAR: 1,800,000 MUST SEE: Enjoy the scenic route by taking the cog train to the summit, the price includes entrance to Christ the Redeemer. PRICE OF A CUPPA: the Plage Café. O £1.00 "GOSH THAT IS SPIFFING, BRAZIL, BUT WE BRITS HAVE... THE ANGEL OF THE NORTH LESS IS MORE, OLD CHAP..." SAID HENRY, DEFENSIVELY. HEIGHT: 20m YEAR BUILT: 1998 COST TO BUILD: £800,000 (£1.3m in today's money) VISITORS/YEAR: 150,000 MUST SEE: The Angel of the North is visible from the A1 (UK road) so you can view it from the comfort of your own car! PRICE OF A CUPPA: ...can't beat a Greggs in Gateshead! O £1.00 GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE E HEIGHT: 67m YEAR BUILT: 1937 COST TO BUILD: $27 MILLION (£1.2bn in today's money) LENGTH OF BRIDGE: 2,737m MUST SEE: Take a tour bus and see the sights. PRICE OF A CUPPA: the iconic Roundhouse Café. O£2.30 "MONUMENTAL, USA, BUT WE BRITS HAVE... THE HUMBER BRIDGE THEY'RE ACTUALLY QUITE SIMILAR..." MUTTERED HENRY. HEIGHT: 20m YEAR BUILT: 1981 COST TO BUILD: £98 MILLION (£345m in today's money) CH LENGTH OF BRIDGE: 2,220m MUST SEE: Get on the Humber courtesy of the Yorkshire Belle cruise and see what the Yorkshire coastline has to offer. PRICE OF A CUPPA: ..(with cake) at Water's Edge Visitors Centre. O £4.00 BURJ KHALIFA HEIGHT: 830m YEAR BUILT: 2010 COST TO BUILD: $1.5 BILLION NUMBER OF FLOORS: 163 MUST SEE: Ascend to the observation deck on Level 148. At 555 meters, you get a stunning view of the Palm Islands and Dubai. eye-watering (not mouth-watering) £10 cup of tea is available from the Burj bar! PRICE OF A CUPPA: O £10! "VERY POINTY, DUBAI, BUT WE BRITS HAVE... THE SHARD ...DECIDEDLY LESS 'BLINGY'..." HENRY SAID, CHEEKILY. HEIGHT: 309.7m YEAR BUILT: 2012 COST TO BUILD: £435 MILLION NUMBER OF FLOORS: 95 MUST SEE: Enjoy a private tour and get to know the landmarks of London. PRICE OF A CUPPA: ...Enjoy the view from the O£4.00 Aqua Shard Restaurant. PYRAMIDS OF GIZA HEIGHT: 139m YEAR BUILT: 2550 to 2490 B.C VISITORS/YEAR: 9,000,000 MUST SEE: Find a terrace cafe to witness the first rays of the sunrise hitting the pyramids. PRICE OF A CUPPA: ..Grab a tea on the way back to Cairo for around £1, or free with many camel rides! O£1.00 "INCREDIBLY HISTORIC EGYPT, BUT WE BRITS HAVE... SILBURY HILL ...AND SIZE DOESN'T MATTER..." LIED HENRY. HEIGHT: 39.3m YEAR BUILT: 2400 to 2300 BC VISITORS/YEAR: 50,000 + MUST SEE: Visit the nearby Alexander Keiller Museum to brush up on your prehistoric archaeology before you visit the hill. .at the 17th century O£2.50 thatched pub PRICE OF A CUPPA: The Waggon & Horses. NAZCA LINES ELEVATION: 520m HOW OLD: 500 BC and 500 AD AREA COVERED: Up to 370m long VISITORS/YEAR: 50,000 + MUST SEE: Although the lines can be seen from the surrounding elevation, the best way to view them is by plane. PRICE OF A CUPPA: Mom's Cafe in Nazca £1.00 "NICE DRAWINGS PERU, BUT WE BRITS HAVE THE... UFFINGTON WHITE HORSE NO CREEPY CRAWLY PICTURES HERE..." SHUDDERED HENRY. ELEVATION: 261m HOW OLD: 1380 - 550 BC (Bronze Age) AREA COVERED: 110m long VISITORS/YEAR: 50,000 + MUST SEE: Walk the trail and see fantastic views stretching out over six counties. PRICE OF A CUPPA: ..for a cream tea at OE4.25 the Teapot Tearoom. Sources: • • Brought to you by NEPAL PARIS DUBAI

British Versions of Global Landmarks

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Anything you can do, Britain can do better...kind of. The Grand Canyon? Psht, ever heard of Cheddar Gorge? Join our mascot Henry as he takes you through the perfectly adequate British equivalents of t...


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