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Are you dating a geek?

CreyoudatingeCae Definition of a geek: a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast e.g. a computer geek Oxford Dictionary Key Yes X No ? Sometimes Where did you first meet? Bar Work Online What is your dates favourite gadget? Phone Laptop Telescope Are they on a better wage than other people their age? Does your date look better in Does your date correct your glasses? spelling mistakes? Do they have more than 10 email addresses? Does your date enjoy sci-fi? Have they ever self taught Have they ever suggested a Star Trek marathon themselves anything? date? What kind of Does your date date would they prefer? laugh at their own jokes? Meal at a restaurant? Playing hours of games at the arcade? You are dating an alter ego Geek You are dating an ultimate You are You are not dating a Geek You are dating a hot Geek You are dating a funny Geek dating an academic Geek Geek You are dating a hot geek You are not dating a geek e.g. Clark Kent from Superman/ Jess from New Girl You are a funny gee9 A hot geek is someone who man- ages to combine great personality and good looks whilst also harbouring a naturally nerdy side. Such as Clark Kent or Jess you're date is great looking but also has an intelligent side which makes them a brilliant date. e.g. Greg Jenko from 21 Jump Street / Rachel Green from Friends e.g. McLovin from Superbad / Michelle from American Pie The funny geek makes for a really entertaining date; you will never be bored around them, but be careful as they may have a tendency to slip into a world of their own every now and again. With a date such as McLovin or Michelle you are bound to have a laugh! You're date shows no sign of being a geek, they are likely to be a relatively confident person who enjoys being quite active. You will most probably find them around groups of people, kicking back and socialising. You are dating, an alter ego geek You are dating an ultimate geek e.g. Walter White from Breaking Bad / Katy Perry from Kathy Beth Terry You are dating an academic geek e.g. Sheldon from The Big bang Theory / Amy from The Big Bang Theory You're date seems to have 2 sides to their personality and one of them is particularly geeky. This is no bad thing but just be warned that one minute you may be of for a roman- tic meal at a restaurant, the next minute you could be dressed up as Chewbacca and off to a Star Wars convention. e.g. Ross from Friends / Hermione from Harry Potter An academic geek such as Ross or Hermione can sometimes come across as quite serious, but this is not necessarily true as it is usually their studious and intellectual nature just being misunderstood. In between work, the academic geek is up for a good time but don't be surprised if the odd educational fact slips into conversation, There is no doubt about it; you are dating a geek, a full blown geek. As with Sheldon or Amy your date is likely to be extremely intelligent, very logical and possibly a little socially inept. You may find that conversation often focuses around topics such as comic books, video games, action figures or science fiction. What might your Geek date say? I'm not anti-social; l'm just not user friendly My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard, and they're like you wanna trade cards? Darn right, I wanna trade cards, l'll trade this but not my charizard. Girls / Boys are like internet domain names, the ones I like are already taken. Well It looks like an ID10T Error I'm not nerdy. l'm intellectually endowed. There is no place like Science is the art of answering the tough ques- tions, and questioning the easy answers. Alert User Error. Please replace user and press any key to continue My Software never has bugs. It just develops random features 10 reasons why Geeks make better dates 2. You get to hear about and play with the latest gadgets 1. They don't create problems they solve them 3. They will support your passion as long as you 4. They are easy to get hold of because they are always connected via text, phonecall, social support theirs networking, email etc. 5. You'll be introduced to awesome new movies 6. They won't cause you drama 7. They will impress your family 8. They are easy to buy gifts for - you just need to 9. They are passionate about things including relationships check out their Amazon wish list 10. They can fix your computer Top10 ideas for adate witha Geek 4. VISIT THE 1. STAY IN AND WATCH DOCTOR WHO SERIES 3. GO AND SEE THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIE PLANETARIUM 2. CHECK OUT THE EXHIBITIONS AT THE SCIENCE MUSEUM SET IN NEW F'ROM THE ZEALAND BEGINNING 5 GO AND SEE 6. BUILD A BLOG TOGETHER 7. HEAD TO THE ARCADE FOR THE NEWEST 8. GO GADGET SCH-FI MOVIE AT WINDOW THE CINEMA SHOPPING SOME RETRO GAMING 9. HAVE A VIDEO GAME ALL NIGHTER 10. STAY IN AND PLAY A BOARD GAME OF YOUR CHOICE Geek stats 70% of people say they would struggle to go a whole day without one of eight devices including smartphones, mp3 players and computers Of 1,008 people surveyed in 2012, only 17% identified themselves as geeks Some of the most common definitions of a geek include: A technology addict A go-to person for tech advice Someone who is socially awkward Someone who works in the IT industry Someone who spends more time online than offline 57% of people consider being a called a geek a compliment 82% of people feel it is more acceptable to be called a geek today than it was 15 years ago Self-identified geeks generally don't like to be called a 'nerd' According to the 2012 survey the best-suited jobs for geeks are: Video game designers (65%) Technology engineer (50%) Professional blogger (37%) SOURCES HTTP://WWW.THEMARYSUE.CON GREAT IN MANAGEABLE MONTHLY INSTALMENTS HTTP://WWW.MNN.COM Owebtise. online Success

Are you dating a geek?

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Find out if you are dating a geek with our flow chart quiz. You can also learn how to spot a geek and where the best places for dates are.





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