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Geek Love: A Brief History of Geek Romances

GEEK LOVE A Brief History of Geek Romances 1938 - PRESENT Clark Kent & Lois Lane & Superman - Superman (comics) Married 5 years after learning that Clark is Superman, Lois finally accepted the reality & the "3" were married In 1996's The Wedding Album issue. 1966-91 Captain James T. Kirk & many woman on many planets - Star Trek (TV series/movies) First interracial kiss on American Network TV Capt. Kirk kissed Lt. Uhura in 1968. 1987 Princess Buttercup & Westley - The Princess Bride (movie) First Kiss: The grandson interrupts the kiss in disgust & fear that this is a "kissing book" 2001 - 2003 Aragorn & Arwen - The Lord of the Rings (film series) Kissing Cousins Arwen's half-elven, uncle Elros chose to become mortal, then later, a king of mortals. 2000 years of mortal generations later, Aragorn was born of this lineage. Arwen was born of Elros' immortal, half-elven twin Elrond (making the lovers distant cousins). 2007 - PRESENT Leonard & Penny The Big Bang Theory First Kiss: In 2008's last episode of Season 1 - finally! 1939 - PRESENT Bruce Wayne & Catwoman Married 1950's & had a daughter Helena Wayne (Huntress) in 1957 1965 - PRESENT Peter Parker & Mary Jane - Spider-Man (comics) First Kiss: Not until 1975 in Amazing Spider-man Vol.1 #143 1977 - FUTURE Han Solo & Princess Leia Star Wars First Kiss: In 1980's The Empire Strikes Back, after much bickering 1985 - PRESENT Mario & Princess Peach (aka Princess Toadstool) - Super Mario Game Series First Kiss: After defeating Bowser in 1985's Super Mario Brothers, Peach kisses Mario on the cheek 2009 Jake Sully & Neytiri - Avatar First Kiss: After the kiss, in James Cameron's original script, he has Neytiri show Jake how the Na'vi make love. 1997- 2007 Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley - Harry Potter (Books Series) First Kiss "In 2005's Harry Potter & the Half Blood, thank goodness for Quidditch victories!" Note: Caught up in excitement of Quiddich victory, Harry finally kisses Ginny. Beauty PGEEK WBNX An "Ultimate Social Experiment" reality show CREATOR Ashton Kutcher PREMISE Pair an IQ impared female bombshell with a socially awkward male genius. GOAL The pairs work together through different challenges to be the last pair standing. U.S. It ran for 5 successful season between 2005 & 2008 U.K. Only 1 season in 2006. Australia 4 seasons & running, from 2009 - present 10 Telling signs you live with a GEEK... Klingon frak They speak in puns 50% They drop the "Frak"-bomb of the time. They make holiday-like celebrations out of fan or speak Klingon in place of swear words. culture events. They're a one-person "Siskel & Ebert" about movies. They wave the "geek flag" They require special storage for memorabilia. of fan t-shirts in public places. They display toys that children can't even play with. They search the web to solve a debate berfore you have time to state your case. They're always on hyper alert not to let spoilers ruin an upcoming show. They turn the house into an Andy Warhol's Geek Factory, with odd projects. MODIS Sources comics-1-10/144032/?page=4&sort=first current-season-likely-be-last-7019.php 1/2012/8/21/peter-parker-and-mary-janes-first-kiss.html penny-love-video_n_2142260.html's_Love_Interests BEAUTY GEEK

Geek Love: A Brief History of Geek Romances

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Geeks are known for their brains, but they really should be known for their hearts. After all, some of the most famous romances in history were created, inspired and even celebrated by geeks.




Love and Sex
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