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8 Reasons Writers Make Incredible Friends

If you can't be a writer, then be friends with one. Why Writers Make Incredible Friends. Here's why: Hard to bore a writer - Endlessly talking about your break-up/redundancy/ house burning down might wear down a civilian friend, but writers are endlessly fascinated about the complexity of human relationships and melodrama. It might 3. You might get a character named after you - Maybe they'll immortalize you in print forever by naming a character after you, like Philip K. Dick naming fellow author Poul Anderson in his short story "Waterspider". How cool would that be? 5. 8. Writers are good looking - . All of them. make excellent source material for them. SUPERBUDDY Drama 2. Great plus-ones at dinner parties - Yes, they may say something eloquent. But the main reason to make a writer your plus-one is that they're a lock for saying yes, given that many are in poverty, or simply food preparation isn't an option while finishing NaNoWriMo. HI, I AM A WRITER. Rte LOVE COMEDY Lunch. I'l1 tell you a storyi) 1. Writers are knowledgeable - I. Writers usually read voraciously, which means they are knowledgeable about many, often random, things. This also means that, by association, you'll learn random things too. Writers are low 0. maintenance - They don't demand of your time but are happy to fit you in; writers are used to being locked away on their own for hours, days, weeks or months at a time working on their own projects. 4. Writers 'get' rejection - Most writers have had their work rejected many times. So they know sometimes it's necessary to hold your hand and sympathize, but also that you must refocus as soon as possible and conquer the world. 7 They are great party planners - Writers tend to research and plan meticulously, exploring venue options, reading reviews, making lists of pros and cons, and poring over drink menus (how many teetotal writers do you know? Any?). GLOBALEnglishEditing

8 Reasons Writers Make Incredible Friends

shared by lachlanb2 on Mar 22
If you're not a writer, then be friends with one. Why? Writers have a particular set of skills and personality traits that make them great friends.



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