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The 8 most likely people to meet in a house share

The 8 most likely people TO MEET IN A HOUSE SHARE The very tidy one This person is a blessing..until you hear the words: "That doesn't live there' and: 'I don't want to sound like a bore but.' The house is run like an army camp where fun is certainly not the name of the game. TUPAC 20 OF THE BASSIEST TUNES OF ALL TIME 5 The musical one If you share a wall with this guy, then say goodbye to your room being a quiet hideaway. Vibrating walls and a thumping bass mean you'll spend more time in the living room than you planned. On a positive note, when a house party does kick off you already have a resident DJ. The invisible one No-one has ever seen this person, but you DO are sure they exist as you hear footsteps on the landing in the dead of night. The one main positive is the illusive roomy makes for great conversation with other house- mates when guessing what on earth goes on in that room! NOT DISTURB ever The lazy one The house is their personal 'floordrobe', and it doesn't take a genius to work out which room all the missing bowls and glasses are in. KEEP CALM AND CARRY NOTHING The posh one Please bring my tea up to the east wing The concept of a house share comes as a shock to this person. They try to get their head around how small the JACK WONT'S house is and where the maid is. They also refer to their bedrooms as being in the east wing. The ghost writer Post-It notes, texts, Facebook group messages and emails flood in but when you see the author in the kitchen in person, and they smile and mention nothing. Someone else please buy toilet paper! WASH UP!!! We need more post-it notes! MILK Property Nigel 3.2% The 'borrowing' one The milk you bought seems to have gone down by half over night, your expensive shampoo is empty. No one sees them do it, but everyone secretly knows who the culprit is... The other half Your house-mate has finally found their one true love. However their other half now seems to live at your house because 'it's nearer to work'. They take your shower slot and use your electricity, but they do offer to buy you a pint to say thanks. So generous! Design: Sources : SESOME Gumtree Many yearo of experience.

The 8 most likely people to meet in a house share

shared by SeSoMe on Nov 26
So, you’ve finally signed on the dotted line, unpacked your bags and pinned up your favourite family photo. NOW you can relax. Except there’s one last thing…who you are living with? Meet some of...




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