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25 Essentials For Surviving The Apocalypse

25 ESSENTIALS FOR SURVIVING THE APOCALYPSE PRESENTED BY FATALDOSE.COM CONQUEST KNIGHT XV An extravagant, handcrafted, fully armored SUV. Complete with a V10, 6.8-liter engine, firewall, night vision cameras, 22.5" aluminum rims, roof-mounted search spotlights, wet bar, and external listening device and smoke-releasing security system. $295,000 STERIPEN ADVENTURER OPTI RE FACTOR OPERATOR BAND Handheld UV water purifier that destroys 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. Good for 8,000 one-liter treatments. One button operation works in a matter of seconds. A wrist band featuring 12 feet of paracord, snare wire, fishing line, a fishhook, a can opener, a ferrocerium stick, an optional compass, and a hidden handcuff key that can be used to escape illegal constraint. $90 $50 AF DOUBLE BARREL PISTOL Semiautomatic that shoots two .45 caliber rounds at a time, with the capability of firing 16 rounds in just three seconds. Highly accurate, with all 16 bullets fitting into an orange from 15 yards out. INQUIRE Second 2011 Century VE MARMOT CWM MEMBRAIN HOW TO SURVIVE THE END... High-quality 800+ fill goose down that allows you to sleep soundly in temperatures as low as -40°F. Reinforced linings, and waterproof, breathable fabric. Learn survival tactics and techniques from a former U.S. intelligence officer. How to prepare for a global financial collapse, terrorist attacks, food shortages, infrastructure failures, and natural catastrophes. WORLD WKNOW IT $719 $26 TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR UNCERTAIN TIMES FENIX TK76 LED FLASHLIGHT Utilizes three separate LEDS for an output of up to 2,800 lumens. Anti-roll, slip-resistant, instant turbo and strobe activation, and SOS mode. $300 0000 LIFTTRAX OFF-ROAD RECOVERY JAGDKOMMANDO TRI-DAGGER KNIFE Uses trapped air to not only provide grip, but also lift vehicles out of a variety of terrains. Powerful enough to support up to 8,800lb, and compact enough to be rolled up and fit into a small duffle bag. A twisted, grooved, three-edged weapon that makes for some gruesome wounds. Forged from 440A stainless steel and featuring a lanyard hole and hollow handle for stashing small items. $300 $750 00OLL BREW CAVE Walk-in beer cooler with shelving space for 30 cases of beer and 4 kegs. Features four inches of insulation enabling ice cold 32°F refrigeration. Also includes a beer dispensing kit, allowing you to turn the entire thing into a super-sized kegerator. BUD LIGHT Shin FAMILY Shiner OCK BECKS $7,299 MADERBONA JAR REDHOOK ESB WIDMER RECON 6 WATCH SURVIVAL SEED VAULT Watch with hidden survival tray carrying a liquid compass, ferro fire rod, emergency whistle, magnifying glass, signaling mirror, LED flashlight, fishing line and hooks, bottle opener, and can opener. Food independence with 20 varieties of survival seeds that will last in storage for over 5 years at 75°F. SURVIVAL SEED VAULT $495 $30 Garden in a can! TRUCKER'S FRIEND An all purpose tool that functions as a curved axe, hammer and nail puller, spanner, pry bar and lever, tire chain hook, wire twist, and ice remover. Heat treated cast alloy steel, rust resistant finish, fiberglass handle, and shock absorbing powergrip. $60 TENTSILE STINGRAY TREE TENT ALL-IN-ONE JUMP-START SYSTEM Three person tree tent with a tear resistant full insect mesh roof, triple hammock interior, floor hatch and large front door. Internal air compressor, two 12V DC power sockets, internal power inverter, heavy duty metal battery clamps, and a 12V 1 amp internal battery charger. Energizer. POUER $749 $150 JUMP IR OFF GRIZZLY ROBOTIC UTILITY VEHICLE An 80 horsepower, all-electric robotic utility vehicle designed to handle dirty and deadly tasks in agriculture, mining, and military operations. $100,000 KITE PATCH SURVIVAL SLINGSHOT Protection from mosquitoes (and mosquito-borne diseases) by blocking their ability to track humans. Accommodates slingshot balls and full-size arrows with a 25-pound pull. Also holds a range of attachments including a tactical light, a compass, and waterproof storage. ТВА $140 SUREFIRE DELTA SURVIVAL KNIFE A Crucible CPM-S30V steel blade and titanium frame for hand to hand combat, as well as a multi-tool featuring a wire cutter/crimper, flathead screwdriver, a slotted wrench, a window breaker, seatbelt cutter, and a reversible pocket clip. $435 BLASTMATCH FIRE STARTER WOLFRAM CABINET An all-weather fire starter featuring one-handed operation and a rotating spring-loaded flint bar to help prevent uneven wear. Double-steel walled, dual-locked cabinet featuring over 170 carefully selected items including food, water, tools, and first-aid materials. $14 $14,500 CHIAPPA TRIPLE BARREL SHOTGUN Twelve-gauge shotgun with three 28-inch barrels, all fired by a single mechanical trigger. APPA FIREARMS, LTD. ACCA - TURKEY $1,629 SWORD CANE TI2 SENTINEL Functional weight bearing walking cane with a release button that reveals a steel blade sword. Titanium storage tubes that are waterproof and corrosion resistant. Features ergonomic grip areas, a three piece design for easy access from both ends, and a wide slot that allows for easy hooking to rings, clips, or lanyards. $450+ $25+ PARROT BEBOP DRONE An ultra-light drone featuring a 1080p/14-megapixel fisheye lens camera that's digitally stabilized on 3-axes. Parot ТВА FATALDOSE kite Fisheye

25 Essentials For Surviving The Apocalypse

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We created a list of 25 essentials for surviving the apocalypse, including a relevant graphic for each item.




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