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Weapons to Combat a Zombie Apocalypse

Weapons to combat a. Zone pse So it's finally happened. The undead have risen from the grave and are beginning to feast on the living. You might only have seconds to grab yourself a weapon. What do you choose? Try to remember the following advice and you'll stand the best chance of survival. Close combat While melee weapons require to you close the gap between you and your aggressor, they are needed for close-quarter combat in small or semi-confined spaces. They can be used to destroy your enemy zombie's brain with a direct head shot or simply to buy yourself some precious seconds with which to escape. Some smart choices for close combat: Baseball/cricket bats Hammers Crowbars Medium To Long-Range Projectiles We are resistant to the use of firearms in a zombie fight, and we've got good reason why. Firearms require ammo, maintenance, and lots of training to make them a truly effective weapon... though you might get lucky with a simple point and shoot. Also, depending on their legal status in your country, you may find it hard to firearms anyway. a firearm must be used, we recommend choosing a weapon that allows for distance (which keeps you clean), silencers (which keep you stealthy), and relatively standard ammo (which helps keep you stocked). If we had to choose a firearm for a zombie fight, we'd likely go with a handgun or a bolt action rifle. The simplicity and standard design of each lends to ease of use and ease of maintenance. Incendiaries, Explosives, and Corrosives While they might sound like fun, incendiaries, explosives, and corrosives are extremely dangerous and most often impractical for use against a zombie attack, especially during one on one situations or when fighting small groups of the undead. However, when used correctly they have the capability to take out a large horde. Fire isn't guaranteed to be effective against your enemy, but explosives may do the necessary damage,

Weapons to Combat a Zombie Apocalypse

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In the event of a zombie outbreak you might only have seconds to grab something to defend yourself with. What would you choose?


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