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The Ultimate Proposal Checklist

The Ultimate PROPOSAL CHECKLIST EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HAVE DONE BEFORE POPPING THE BIG QUESTION This is your chance to be the hero. It's the one story she'll be telling for the rest of her life. You better not mess it up! Luckily we have your back. FOLLOW THESE STEPS AND THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. GET FAMILY APPROVAL Traditions are there for a reason. Make an appointment to see her father to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. CHOOSE HER PERFECT RING She has dreamed of the perfect ring ever since she was a child. Find one of her friends that you can trust or her mom and find out what she likes. Unless you are certain that you know what she likes you should seek advice. SCOUT YOUR LOCATION This is a special occasion so choose a special place. Choose somewhere that means something to you both. Think about whether you want a public or intimate proposal. Some good ideas are: Where you had your first date somewhere, such as a park, that means something to the relationship, somewhere traditionally romantic - take her to Paris! MAKE A PLAN FOR THE RING AT HOME This is crucial. Don't let her find the ring. To be safe we recommend storing it somewhere like your parent's or a friend's house. MAKE A PLAN FOR THE RING AT THE VENUE We don't recommend hiding the ring in her chocolate cake. Do it the traditional way and get down on one knee. It's worth spending a little bit extra on a slim engagement ring box so the cheap, clunky one that you get free with the ring doesn't ruin the surprise. CLEAR HER CALENDAR Make sure she is available. This is the tricky part. You have to make sure she has nothing going on without everyone knowing that this is the big night. Make sure her closest friends have solid excuses Cancelled not to hang out and that your invite is good enough for her not to make better plans without giving the game away. DON'T FORGET TO CELEBRATE With all the hard work planning and running around keeping secrets it can be difficult to relax and enjoy it. You know she is going to say "yes" so just relax and enjoy sweeping her off her feet. This is your night 米 to play the role of Prince Charming, make sure you enjoy it. The Perfect Proposal Follow these steps and you'll have yourself the perfect proposal with none of the nerves, worries or mishaps from her favorite rom coms. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: MONARCH WWW.MON ARCHBOX.COM

The Ultimate Proposal Checklist

shared by milkwhale on Nov 27
The Ultimate Proposal Checklist - Everything you need to have done before popping the big question




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